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Deadly Spurs by Jana Leigh


Deadly Spurs

Taming TeamTEN

Book Three


By Jana Leigh


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Character Glossary

Meet the Sexy Men of SEAL Team TEN


Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Alex “Boyscout” Prain-Strout: Technician Plans and Targeting/ Intel

Lead Petty Officer (LPO) Frank “Wolfman” Smithe: Training

Lieutenant Commander Thane “LC” Grete: OIC or Officer in Charge

Platoon Chief Gage “Master Chief” Loman: Technical Sergeant

Sergeant Brian “Frogman” Lipit: Quick Recon Force or QRF

Sergeant Ted “Raider” Farat: Communication or COM

Petty Officer Mark “Emo” Plater: Technician Intelligence or Intel

Sergeant Mason “Voodoo” Patrick: Logistics

NCO Jessie “Ice” James: Communication or COM

LPO Drake “Lobo” Viser: Plans and Targeting

Ensign John “Dagwood” Marse: Logistics

Ensign Sam “Clipper” Roge: Air/Medical




CIA: Central Intelligence Agency

SOG: Special Operations Group

OIC: Officer in Charge

COM: Communications


Keywords for SEALs that will be in this series not necessarily in this book:


Mission Name: Charlie Exec

Mission Launch Code Word: Irene, Eagle Eye

Joint Operation Center: JOC

ABORT - Directive to cease action/attack/event/mission.

ACTION - Directive to initiate a briefed attack sequence or maneuver.

ALPHA CHECK - Request for bearing and range to the described point.

ANCHOR - Orbit about a specific point; ground track flown by tanker. Information call indicates a turning engagement about a specific location.

ANGELS - Height of aircraft in thousands of feet.

ALAMO - Training term used to denote simulated launch of enemy, all-aspect radar missile.

ARMED (Safe/Hot) - Select armament (safe/hot) or armament is safe/hot.

AUTHENTICATE - To request or provide a response for a coded challenge.

BANDIT - Known enemy aircraft and type ordnance capability, if known.

BASE - Reference number used to indicate such information as headings, altitudes, fuels, etc.

BELLYCHECK - A momentary unloaded bank to check the blind side of a turning aircraft.

BENT - Identified system inoperative.

BLIND - No visual contact with friendly; opposite of term "VISUAL."

BOGEY - A radar/visual contact whose identity is unknown.

DOPE -Request for target information as briefed/available.

BRACKET - Indicates geometry where aircraft will maneuver to a position on opposing sides either laterally or vertically from the target.

BREAK (Up/Down/Right/Left) - Directive to perform an immediate maximum performance turn in the indicated direction. Assumes a defensive situation.

BREVITY - Term used to denote radio frequency is becoming saturated/degraded and briefer transmissions must follow.

BROADCAST - Request/directive to switch to Broadcast Control.

BROKE LOCK - Loss of radar/IR lock-on (advisory).

BUDDY SPIKE (Position/Azimuth/Altitude) - Receiving friendly AI RWR.

BUGOUT (Direction) - Separation from that particular engagement/attack; no intent to reengage.

BULLSEYE - An established reference point from which the position of an aircraft can be determined.

BUMP - A fly-up to acquire line of sight to the target or laser designation.

BUNT - A pushover maneuver.

BURNER - Directive to select/deselect afterburner.

BUZZER - Electronic communications jamming.

CAP - An orbit at a specified location. Establish a combat air patrol.

CHAMPAGNE - An attack of three distinct groups with two in front and one behind. The leading two groups are attempting to bracket with the trailing third group flying up the middle.

CHATTERMARK - Begin using briefed radio procedures to counter comm jamming.

CHECK - A directive statement made to momentarily monitor (specified items/systems). No response is required if status is normal.

CHICKS - Friendly fighter aircraft.

CHRISTMAS TREE - Directive to briefly turn on exterior lights to enable visual acquisition.

CLEAN - No radar contacts; used to confirm a good battle damage check (i.e., no air-to-surface ordnance remaining on the wingman's aircraft).

CLEARED - Requested action is authorized (no engaged/support roles are assumed).

CLEARED DRY - Ordnance release not authorized.

CLEARED HOT - Ordnance release is authorized.

CLOSING - Bandit/bogey/target is getting closer in range.

COMMIT - Fighter intent to engage/intercept; weapons director (WD) continues to provide information.

CONTACT - Radar/IR contact at the stated position; should be in bearing, range, altitude (BRA), Bullseye, or geographic position format.

CONTINUE - Continue present maneuver; does not imply clearance to engage or expend ordnance.

COVER - Directive to assume briefed support position and responsibilities.

CUTOFF - Request for, or directive to, intercept using cutoff geometry.

DEADEYE - Informative call by an airborne laser designator indicating the laser is inoperative.

DEPLOY - Directive for the flight to maneuver to brief positioning.

DIVERT - Proceed to alternate mission/base.

DOLLY - Data link equipment.

ELEMENT - Formation of two aircraft.

ENGAGED - Maneuvering with the intent of achieving a kill. If no additional information is provided (bearing, range, etc.), ENGAGED implies visual/radar acquisition of target.

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival.

EYEBALL - Fighter with primary visual identification responsibility.

FADED - Previous radar contact is lost.

FEET WET/DRY - Flying over water/land.

FENCE - Boundary separating hostile and friendly area.

FENCE CHECK - Set cockpit switches as appropriate.

FLARES - Flares have been detected or directive to deploy flares.

FLASH - Temporary activation of IFF transponder on desired mode/code.

FLOAT - Directive/informative to expand the formation laterally within visual limits to maintain a radar contact or prepare for a defensive response.

FOLLOW DOLLY - Follow data-link commands.

FOX - Air-to-air weapons employment.

FOX ONE - Simulated/actual launch of radar-guided missile.

FOX TWO - Simulated/actual launch of infrared-guided missile.

FOX THREE - Simulated/actual launch of AMRAAM/Phoenix missile.

FOX FOUR - Bomber gunner has simulated firing on a target.

FOX MIKE - VHF/FM radio.

FURBALL - A turning fight involving multiple aircraft.

GADGET - Fire control radar.

GO SECURE - Activate secure voice communications.

GORILLA - Large force of indeterminable numbers and formation.

GREEN (Direction) - Direction determined to be clearest of enemy air-to-air activity.

HEADS DOWN - Call to inform aircrew that leader/wingman is head-down in the cockpit and wingman/leader is responsible for clearing.

HEADS UP - Enemy/bogey got through; no kill.

HOLDING HANDS - Aircraft in visual formation.

HOME PLATE - Home airfield.

HOT - In context, attack geometry will result in rollout in front of the target.

HOTEL FOX - HF radio.

HOUND DOG - Informative call from support fighter to engaged fighter within visual arena that a shot opportunity exists. Implies tally/visual.

JINK - Unpredictable maneuvers to negate a gun tracking solution.

JOKER - separation/bugout/event termination should begin.

KILL - Directive to commit on target with clearance to fire;in training, a fighter call to indicate kill criteria have been fulfilled.

MICKEY - Have Quick time-of-day (TOD) signal.

MIDNIGHT - Informative call advising that command and control functions (GCI/AWACS) are no longer available.

MUSIC - Electronic radarjamming. On AI radar, electronic deceptive jamming.

NO JOY - Aircrew does not have visual contact with the target/bandit; opposite of term "TALLY."

PACKAGE - Geographically isolated collection of groups/contacts/formations.

PADLOCKED - Informative call indicating aircrew cannot take eyes off an aircraft/ground target without risk of losing tally/visual.

PAINT - Friendly AAI/APX interrogation.

PIGEONS - Magnetic bearing and range to a specified point.

PLAYTIME - Amount of time aircraft can remain on station.

POINT - Directive for an element either to turn toward each other as a defensive response or to reestablish a mutually supportive formation.

POP - Starting climb for air-to-surface attack.

POPEYE - Flying in clouds or area of reduced visibility.

POSIT -Request for position; response normally in terms of a geographic landmark, or off a common reference point.

POST ATTACK (Direction) - WD transmission to indicate desired direction after completion of intercept/engagement.

POST HOLE - Rapid descending spiral.

POWER - Reminder to set the throttles appropriately considering the IR threat and desired energy state.

PRESS - Directive to continue the attack; mutual support will be maintained. Supportive role will be assumed.

PUMP - A briefed maneuver to stop closure on the threat or geographical boundary while maintaining situation awareness.

PURE - Call indicating pure pursuit is being used or directive call to go pure pursuit.

PUSH (Channel) - Go to designated frequency.

ROGER - Indicates aircrew understands the radio transmission; does not indicate compliance or reaction.

SANDWICHED - A situation where an aircraft/element finds themselves between opposing aircraft/elements.

SEPARATE - Leaving a specific engagement; may or may not reenter.

SHADOW - Follow indicated target.

SICK - Described equipment is degraded.

SILENT - "GO SILENT" directive to initiate briefed EMCON procedures.

SPARKLE - Target marking by a gunship or FAC using incendiary rounds.

SPLASH* - Target destroyed (air-to-air); weapons impact (air-to-ground).

SPOOFING - Informative that voice deception is being employed.

SPOT - Informative that laser target designation is being received.

SQUAWK - Operate IFF as indicated or IFF is operating as indicated.

STACK - Two or more groups/contacts/formations with a high/low altitude separation in relation to each other.

STATUS - Request for an individual's tactical situation; response is normally "offensive," "defensive," or "neutral." May be suffixed by position and heading.

STINGER - Formation of two or more aircraft with a single in trail.

STRANGER - Unidentified traffic that is not a participant in the mission.

STRANGLE - Turn off equipment indicated.

SUPPORTING - The act of assisting the engaged fighter in killing the bandit while maintaining overall battle situation awareness.

TALLY - Sighting of a target/bandit; opposite of "NO JOY."

TARGET-Specification of sort responsibility.

TIED - Positive radar contact with element/aircraft.

TRACK - A series of related contacts indicating direction of travel.

TRAIL - Tactical formation of two or more aircraft following one another.

TRASHED - Informative call; missile in flight has been defeated.

TUMBLEWEED - Indicates limited situation awareness; no tally, no visual; a request forinformation.

VICTOR - VHF/AM radio.

VISUAL - Sighting of a friendly aircraft; opposite of "BLIND."

WEEDS - Indicates that aircraft are operating close to the surface.

WILCO - Will comply with received instructions.

ZIPPER - Acknowledge radio transmissions with two clicks of the mike button.

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