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Donovan's forever love

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Cover Artist: Jay Aheer


Editor: Carlene Flores







WARNING: The unauthorized reproduction ordistribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. No part of this book may be used orreproduced electronically or in print without written permission, except in thecase of brief quotations embodied in reviews.


This is a work of fiction. All names, characters,and places are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales,organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.






In loving memory of Joan, the second personto fall in love with Donovan.





Cooper McKenzie


Copyright © 2016




Chapter One


The moment he walked in there was a shift inthe air as it grew hot and damp and languid. October in New Bern, NorthCarolina had never been known to be cool and dry, but with this change in theatmosphere, it was as if everyone in the room felt the heat and now thoughtabout nothing other than sex. Or maybe it was just me. Being celibate suckedand reading erotic romance novels did not help my condition, but I had yet tomeet a man who could overcome my past. That is, until I saw him.

I recognized him at once and an intenseerotic hunger I had never experienced before in my life roared to life. I recognizedhim, even after all these years. Tall, built like a Greek god with a face tomatch, he was still a walking advertisement for sex. He crossed the room andslid into a booth in the darkest, most private corner of the room.

I looked around, but no one else seemed tonotice him. No one else seemed to care that a five-hundred-year old vampire hadjust walked into the restaurant. I alone knew of his extensive past, but I couldnot share the news that an undead had just walked in the bar because thenquestions would be raised that I could never answer.

“Jayne, can you make the rounds with thedecaf? I’ll take the regular,” Ellie, one of the other waitresses workingtonight said, handing me a pot of coffee.

“Sure.” I accepted the pot and followed heraround the dining room. I smiled and poured until we passed his table. Helooked up, his expression blank as he nodded in response to Ellie’s greeting. Heordered a glass of the house burgundy wine without even looking at the menu. Hadhe been here before? Surely I would have seen him, would have recognized him.

As I followed Ellie to the next table, he glancedmy way, then took a second look.

“I know you.” His words were not a question,but a statement of fact as his large hand grabbed my left elbow. Fortunately,the coffee pot was in my right hand or one of us would have been wearing thehot, dark brew. The coolness of his touch melted through my white imitationsilk shirt and woke my sleeping libido. It also brought forth memories ofanother time and place. A time and place when I had been another woman. Anotherlifetime when I had lived, and loved this man.

In a heartbeat, my nipples grew hard andwanting of his touch, while my cunt grew damp and ready for sex. The instantreaction caught me off guard as I had not felt horny or in need of a man’stouch in, well, I couldn’t remember the last time. But I did now. Itchy and hotand yearning for a man who was a stranger in this lifetime, but one I had beenmore than intimate with in another. This man with his black, black hair andsharp blade-like nose.

“Do you?” I asked as I looked him straight inthe eyes for the first time. Those blue eyes, bright and electric. Those eyeshad haunted Charlotte for her lifetime. Those eyes stayed with me after relivingin my dreams my great-grandmother’s erotic memories that were shockingly hotterthan any XXX movie I’d ever seen.

I did know him, though not in this lifetime. Iknew who he was and what he was, though I did not know what name he was goingby these days. I could see he was flipping through his memories, trying toplace me, though he would undoubtedly have trouble with that. We did have aconnection, but I would not acknowledge it here. The explanation was not onefor public consumption. It was too bizarre. My family had not believed it whenI began having the dreams as a teenager, so I doubted strangers would react anybetter.

Up close, he was even more gorgeous than inmy dreams, though he was pale in a town where tanned golfers and boaters werethe norm. And he still had those blue eyes that had haunted Charlotte’s dreamsuntil her death. After two years of celibacy following a short, passionlessmarriage, I knew I would gladly jump into the nearest bed if only he would saythe word.

Then his expression cleared. “Charlotte. CharlotteBowen. Charlotte Harper. But how?” His grip on my arm eased somewhat, but hestill did not release me.

I knew from a few pictures I had seen of mygreat grandmother that I resembled Charlotte, but this man and his strong reactionmade me wonder how close that resemblance really was.

I did not fight for my freedom. The encounterwas too intriguing to end now. Charlotte Bowen Harper had been my greatgrandmother and though I had never met the woman, I knew everything about her. Includingthe fact that this man, known to her as Richard Donovan, had during the 1920s,been the lover she had never gotten over or forgotten, even though she hadmarried another man. Though my family had tossed around the age old joke aboutinbreeding, the detailed stories I told of her life that I should never know convincedthem that I was my own great grandmother.

“My name is Jayne,” I said, pulling my armfrom his now lax grip. He did not try to stop me, though his expression was oneof intrigue, attraction and remembrance.

I walked away, fighting an urge to go backand crawl into the man’s clothes while begging him to fuck me as he hadCharlotte. I had an unusual, intense need to make him mine right here, rightnow, in the middle of a dining room and damn the consequences.

“I’m taking a break,” I told Ellie as I setthe coffee pot back on the warmer.

“Uh-huh,” she said. She was too busy flirtingwith the new busboy to argue.

I stepped through the kitchen and out theback door. The night was hot, humid and typical for late fall. As I paced thealley behind the restaurant, I tried not to let memories of Charlotte’s timewith Richard Donovan overwhelm me. I was still in my thirty-day probationaryperiod and I needed the money this job paid, though I had come to the conclusionabout two days in that I really was not meant to be a waitress. My problem wasthat at age twenty-eight and after holding almost a hundred jobs sincegraduating high school, I still did not know what I wanted to be when I grewup. Finally, I was settled enough to go back inside and finish the shift.

“Jayne, that gorgeous guy in the corner boothis asking for you,” Ellie handed me the leather folder with his check. Iglanced inside and noticed that, as I remembered from Charlotte’s memories, hehad not eaten, just enjoyed the glass of wine.

I crossed the room, feeling my hormonesgathering steam and sending my body into lusty overdrive with each step. “Yes,sir?” I stopped beside his table and laid down the folder.

“I’d like you to come to a party I’m hostingtomorrow night. It’s a costume party at Tryon Palace. A fundraiser for severalcharities here in town,” he said. “Here’s a ticket and invitation.” He handedme an oversized linen envelope with my first name written in a neat hand acrossthe front.

“Why?” I couldn’t help myself.

“There’s a pull between us I’ve only felt oneother time in my life. I’d like to explore it further.” His eyes flashed a heatand sexual hunger that I recognized from Charlotte’s memories. So, he couldfeel the connection as well.

“I’ll think about it.”

He nodded with a smile as he took my hand andlooked at the palm. “That’s all I can ask. But I do want you to know that Ihave never forgotten Charlotte and the time we spent together. She was a veryspecial woman.” He looked in my eyes again and his eyes were glowing with bluefire.

I had to swallow hard before I could speak. “Havea good evening, sir.”

“Donovan. My name is Donovan Richards.” Hetucked a twenty-dollar bill into the folder then slid from the booth. Hetouched my shoulder as he passed me on his way to the door. “I’ll see youtomorrow evening.”

I shivered at the deep, deep pitch of hisvoice as it stroked over me like a warm fleece. My cunt leaked hot sex juiceinto my panties. My sudden intense hunger for this man made it nearlyimpossible for me to return to work. What I really wanted to do was followDonovan Richards and drag him into the nearest dark alley where I wouldintroduce myself in the most carnal way possible. Unfortunately, the rent wasdue and I needed tonight’s tips to finish paying it.


His final touch and sizzling look stillaffected me hours later when I got home from work. After a long shower, I driedand headed straight to bed. I didn’t bother with the cotton panties or theoversized t-shirt I usually slept in. I was exhausted, but my body was stillwired too tight for sleep. Instead of trying, I rolled onto my stomach andspread my legs. My right hand went to my crotch and separated the still puffylips of my labia. Two fingers slipped in and began to caress my slick,sensitive clit. My left hand slid under my chest and palmed the pebble hardnipple that topped my breast.

I allowed some of Charlotte’s more eroticmemories to wash through my brain. Her sexual adventures were so much morevivid and exciting than my own. I had been a virgin when I married a man whopreferred near rape to sexual affection.

Charlotte had been young, single andbeautiful, living in New York during the height of the 1920s. She had been inher element as an artist’s model and flapper. She danced and partied in anyspeakeasy she could smile her way into and slept with a wide variety of men. Thatwas untilheentered her life. Shehad fallen in love with Richard Donovan on sight and for the next six months,lived for the intense erotic love they shared.

Then, as now, the man could turn her on justby looking in her direction.

On their second date, Charlotte had foundherself naked and sprawled across his king-size bed. She was boneless and trulysatiated for the first time in her life. From then on, she and Richard had beeninseparable. At least at night. He would pick her up one hour after sundown andthey would drink and dance and party before returning to his apartment where hetook her in every way imaginable until two hours before sunrise when thegrandfather clock would ring out and he would escort her home.

As I relived Charlotte’s vivid memories, myfingers began to move faster, more insistent over the nub of nerves that madeup my clit at the same time the others twisted and mauled my nipple and breast.Charlotte’s adventures flickered on the back of my eyelids like an erotic moviewith each scene more lurid and sensual than the last. It only took a few veryshort minutes for my body to tighten and convulse with the orgasm I had wantedsince watching Donovan walk out of the restaurant.

Even then, I didn’t stop my self-satisfyingsex play. I couldn’t.

Knowing I would see him again in hours and wonderingif the sex between us would be as hot as it had been eight decades before, myfingers left my clit and plunged deep into my burning hot cunt. A second andthen a third orgasm rocked through me in short order. Reliving Charlotte’ssexploits with the tall, dark man I know understood was a vampire always hadthis effect on me. I dug deep into my memories and could remember his cooltouch in the middle of summer, the smell of spice and man that clung toCharlotte long after they had departed after sex, even the way he bit his lipas he tried to hold back his release. After the fourth orgasm rocketed throughme, I finally felt the knot of sexual tension in my pelvis loosen.

Once I’d finally calmed enough to sleep, Ismiled as I climbed from bed and went back to the bathroom to clean up. I wasgoing to the party of the year tomorrow night. As I washed and dried and paddedback to bed, I tried to think of a costume I could put together that wouldn’tcost any money. As I curled up and pulled the blanket over me, a thoughtflashed through my mind. At once, I knew exactly what I would be for Halloween.I just hoped the dress was still wearable.

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