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Forever altered (page 31)

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“Ohhell no!  I’m having satellite installed before I even move in.  I’llbe damned if I’m watching those losers all the time.”  He hands me myglass last and kisses me on the head. 

Roccocomes to stand behind me and takes the glass from me.  “I’ll drink thatfor you,” he whispers, but his action doesn’t go unnoticed. 

“Whatthe fuck, man?  She becomes your wife and she’s not allowed todrink?”  Shane never misses anything.  My guess is Rocco was countingon that.  I can literally feel his excitement radiating off of him.

“No,”he gloats.  He slides his free hand around the front of me and rests it onmy lower abdomen.  “She’s not allowed to drink since she became mypregnantwife.”  Everyone is almost as thrilled as we are over the news. 

“Youwork fast, Matthews,” Logan tells him shaking his hand.

“Thebest things in my life just find a way of springing themselves on me,” Roccotells him as he leans over to kiss me.  “I don’t plan any of it.”

“Well,damn, that totally trumps my news,” Shane sulks.  Jessica consoles himwhile we all laugh at his expense. 

Forthe rest of the evening, we have a great time like we always do.  We tellthem about the things we did after they left.  They fill us in on what’sbeen going on around here.  I notice how from just a year ago, we are allvery different.  Everyone is growing up and moving on to the next chapterin their lives.  Things won’t be exactly the same.  We won’t all beliving together.  We won’t be able to hang out all the time like we areused to.  We will always be friends who are more like family, no matterthe distance between us.  We will always be there for each other. 

Aftereveryone leaves, Rocco and I curl up on the couch to relax before headingupstairs.  “I’m sorry I told everyone about the baby, even though youasked me not to.” 

Icouldn’t help but giggle at him.  “Rocco, you’ve been glowing since youopened your gift this morning.  Someone would have pried it out of youeventually.”  He reached in his pocket and pulled out the dog tag I hadengraved for him.

“Tothe best husband, who will soon be the best dad,” he read it again.  “Istill cannot believe it,” he says shaking his head. 

“Believeit or not, Matthews.  Come September it won’t be just the two of usanymore,” I tell him.  As the words come out of my mouth, a thoughtcrosses my mind that throws me for a moment.

“What’swrong?” Rocco is instantly concerned. 

“Itjust occurred to me that I’m going to get fat,” I sigh.

Hestarts chuckling.  “I can’t wait until you have a belly.  It’ll beadorable.”

“Liar. I’ll be huge and you’ll want someone else.  You’ll stop loving me,” Ipout. 

Roccoputs his hand on the side of my face turning me to look into his eyes. “Sunshine, when are you going to get it?  No matter what, you will alwaysbe my girl.”





First, I need to thank myhusband, Jason, for all of your support while I took time out of our crazy lifeto write this book.  Yes, you drove me crazy every chance you could. Yes, you have always teased me over my love for reading (or anything for thatmatter!).  However, your love and encouragement mean more to me than Icould ever express.  Let’s face it, if we learned anything during thisexperience, it’s definitely that you are a much better housekeeper than I everwill be!  Thank you for everything!  OXOX

To my two preciouskiddies.  Thank you so much for being the reason I get out of bed everymorning!  You may not realize it, but you both mean the world to me! A huge thank you for still thinking I’m the greatest Mommy in the whole wideworld, even though I was completely nutty in the few months it took to completethis book.  I hope you remember to always work hard for the things youwant in life and to never give up on your hopes and dreams.  Don’t letANYONE hold you back or tell you these things are not possible.  I loveyou!

To one of the greatestfriends a girl could ask for, Terri.  I could take pages and pages to tellyou how lucky I am to have you as a friend, but you already know.  I tellyou all the time!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking thisjourney with me and for all of your help!  I’m not sure I would have everdone this if it wasn’t for you.  Also, thank you for not letting me giveup when I thought I wanted to and enjoying this story as much as Ihave!    **Smooches**

To another one of thegreatest friends a girl could ask for and the BEST college roommate ever,Cara.  Thank you so much for helping me along the way during thisprocess!  Your ideas and recommendations were genius and essential to thestory.  ‘Leah’ is an awesome roommate, but she’s got nothing onyou!! 

To the best sister-in-law,Michelle.  I am so glad you offered to read this for me.  Thank youfor taking the time to help me out.  Most importantly, thank you for beingso damn good at finding my mistakes and for making the suggestions youdid!  They made the story so much better!  (P.S. If you find anymistakes on this page, I’m sorry!)

Thank you Briana andColleen, two more friends I couldn’t live without!  Thank you for yourinput when I asked for it, for loving my story, and asking for more!

To the best cover designer,Samantha.  One of the greatest things that happened to me in all of thiswas finding you!  Thank you so much! Forever Alteredwouldhave never been complete without its beautiful cover!   

To everyone and anyone whoreads this book, THANK YOU!  I hope you enjoy reading my story as much asI enjoyed writing it.



D. J. Pierson graduated from Fairleigh DickinsonUniversity in 2002 with a degree in Radiologic Technology.  While she ismore of an obsessed reader than writer, she decided to share a story of herown.  She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband, their two children,and two crazy dogs.

To find out what’s new, you can check out her Facebookpage at:

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