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Authors: D.J. Pierson

Forever altered (page 4)

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“Letme know if you need any help in Accounting.  I’m available.”  Shaneis doing it to get a reaction out of me.  I’m close to strangling the sonof a bitch and he knows it.  He’s chuckling.  Troy gets up and thethree of us follow him.  He knows what Shane is doing, too.

           “Enjoy your lunch, ladies,” Troy says.  The girls say a general goodbye. 

Ilook over at Alyssa.  “See you tomorrow,” I say. 

Shesmiles up at me and says, “Seeya.”  I can’thelp myself, so I wink at her and she smiles a little more.  Why doesseeing her smile make me feel so happy?        





Canthis day go by any slower?  I’ve been pacing in my room since finishing myclasses about an hour and a half ago.  There’s still an hour left untilI’m supposed to meet Alyssa in her apartment.  Watching TV was nohelp.  Writing my paper for History class that’s due next week wasimpossible.  I took a shower and even straightened up my room.  Mymom would be proud if she walked in here right now.  I still don’t get whythis girl makes me so nervous and why I feel this need to get to knowher.  I know I should stay away from her.  The possibility of Alyssabeing someone who just may be able to creep her way into my heart scares mebecause it can never happen.  I cannot take the chance of somethinghappening to her.  I shake my head and try to get rid of thatthought.  It’s not necessary to go there right now.  We are onlygetting together to write up an assignment for a class.  This isn’t adate.  I don’t date.

Loganand Shane come home, so I go out to the living room. 

“We’regoing to play some Call of Duty.  You playing?” Logan asks as he pullssome beers out of the refrigerator.

“Nah,not now.  I’m not going to be here much longer,” I tell him taking thebottle he’s handing me.  I just put it on the table without opening it.

“Oh right. You have a date.”  Shane and I had a talk last night, but apparently he’snot getting the message.  He ignores the look I’m shooting him andcontinues his shit.  “You realize you can date, right?  You cannotlet that wench dictate what you do.  You guys are done and have been for awhile.  She’s ancient history.” 

“It’snot a date. It’s just homework,” is all I say.

“Whatever,”he says.

Iwatch them play for about forty-five minutes when I cannot take itanymore.  Alyssa never told me what apartment she lived in.  I pullout my phone to text her, but instead I see she already texted me about tenminutes ago.  Shit!  How could I have forgotten to turn the ringerback on?

Gotout of class early.  I’m back, so whenever you’re ready I’m here. Apt 234.

Itext her back jumping off the chair and head to grab my backpack that’swaitingfor me. 


“Goodluck, Rocco.”  I ignore Shane. 

“Letme know if you’re going out with us later,” Logan calls from behind me.

Iround the corner looking at the room numbers on the doors.  Her apartmentis literally the last one on the floor tucked in the corner.  I have totake a deep breath before knocking.  When she opens the door, she is onthe phone.  She waves me in holding up a finger to say she’ll be just aminute.  As soon as I walk in through the kitchen, I cannot help butnotice how girly the apartment is.  There is one of those slip coverthings on the couch with a bunch of pillows.  Their small circle kitchentable has a cover on it with a vase of fresh flowers in the middle.  Theyhave a curtain hanging in the window behind the couch, a lamp on thewindowsill, and matching floor lamps on either end of the couch.  Thenormal posters that college kids tack on their walls are replaced by pictureshanging in frames.  Some are of the four of them while some are imitationsof actual paintings.  There is an area rug in the middle of the livingroom floor.  Then I see how everything matches, from the kitchen to theliving room.  It’s a mixture of blues and purples.  I just stand inthe middle of the two rooms not knowing where to put my bag or if I’d even beallowed to sit in the home they have made here.

“Iknow, Dad.  I’ll try to come home on Saturday.  I’ll see if I cancatch up on my work tomorrow, okay?  I miss you, too.  Yes, I promiseI’m fine.”  She looks at me shaking her head and rolling her eyes, thenpoints to the couch for me to sit down.  I do, but despite how comfortablethis place looks, I’m afraid of messing something up.  She told her dadshe might go home this weekend and it actually disappoints me.  “Love you,too.  Be careful driving,” she says as she disconnects the call. “Sorry.  My dad was trying to get me to come home tonight.  I haven’tseen him since, um, school started.”  She looked like she was going to saysomething else.

“Nobiggie.  Nice place you girls have here,” I tell her.

“Areyou making fun of us?” she asks raising her eye brows.

“No,”I laugh and stand up walking to meet her in the kitchen.  “It’s actuallynice in here.  Kind of like home.”

“That’swhat we were going for.”  She reaches in the refrigerator and pulls out abottle of water.  “Want one?” I shake my head but thank her anyway. “I cannot take the credit though.  It was all, Leah.  She’s thecreative one.  She just tells everyone what to do and where to putstuff.  I told her someday, she’s going to have to decorate myhouse.  Anyway, I’m sure you have stuff to do.  Want to get started?”

“Ihave nothing to do tonight,” I feel the need to tell her.  “But, sure.”

“Mylaptop is set up in my room, do you mind?”  She gestures toward the doorto the left of the living room.

Ishake my head and follow her as we walk in the bedroom.  It’s just as niceas the living room.  They have matching comforters, still in the blue andpurple theme, and the throw pillows on both beds even match.  These areprobably the only two beds made in the entire building.  Differentpictures hang on their walls, but they used the same black frames they used inthe living room.  Even their dressers are neatly placed together under thewindow and decorated as if it were one piece of furniture.

“Wow. Good thing I came here.  You might freak out if you saw our messy place.”

Shelaughs and says, “No I wouldn’t.  We just wanted a place we could feelcomfortable and love since we have to be here most of the time.  I willadmit that we are a little OCD with keeping stuff neat and clean.  Youshould see Julia and Erin’s room.  They keep the door closed because Leahwill go in and clean it if she sees how messy it is.  I haven’t even beenin their bathroom.  I’m afraid something will eat me if I go inthere.  Those two are the biggest slobs ever!”  I really enjoylistening to the sound of her laugh.  I’m going to have to get her to dothat more often.  “I’m going to grab you a chair from the kitchen.”

“So,why purple and blue?” I call as she is already returning with the chair. 

“Purpleis Leah’s favorite color and blue is mine.”  She sets the chair down infront of the wooden desk next to hers.  “Good thing they go together.”  


“Noproblem,” she says.  Her cell phone rings from where she put it down inthe living room.  She goes to get it, but declines the call before shewalks back into the room.  She puts her phone face down on the desk andsits in front of the computer.  “The least I can do is type this up,” shetells me.  She opens her lab workbook to the page we were onyesterday.  “You dictate and I shall type.”

“Doyou need to answer that?” I’m curious to know who was calling her.  I’vetried to look at the pictures.  There is no sign of a boyfriend.  Theother girls have their boyfriends in a couple of the pictures, but I don’t seeanyone with her.

“No,”is the only answer I get.  She starts typing on the keyboard.  “Okay,Mr. Matthews, The purpose of this experiment is to…” 

Forthe next half hour, all we talk about is Cell Bio. The smell of her hair is soamazing, it’s a little distracting.  It’s a mixture of some kind ofshampoo and her.  I’m getting a little nervous we have finally made it tothe conclusion of the write-up.  I don’t want to leave.  I need tothink of a reason to prolong this visit. 

Asshe types the last word, I hear the front door open and immediately recognizeJulia’s voice, but I don’t know who the guy is that is with her.  It definitelyis not Tommy.

“Thanksagain for letting me in.” 

Alyssaimmediately tenses up next to me and she whispers “Shit!”  

“Noproblem,” Julia says.  “It’s good to see you again, Jeff.  Goodluck.” 

Goodluck with what?  Who is this guy that she let in?  Just as I start toask Alyssa who it is, he walks in and is staring at her.  He’s probablyjust as tall as me.  Maybe an inch or two shorter.  He’s definitelythinner than me.  I don’t remember him in any of the pictures that are around,so he isn’t Leah’s boyfriend.  At least I’m assuming the guy Leah’s within the pictures is her boyfriend. 

“Hey.” He’s hesitating almost like he feels as nervous as I do talking to her. “I’ve been calling you.  Didn’t you get my voicemails?”  He’sstanding in the doorway, looking around then right at Alyssa.  “How comeyour stuff isn’t packed?”

“No. I haven’t listened to any of the voicemails you’ve left for the last couple ofweeks.  What the hell are you doing here?”  Alyssa didn’t introduceme to him, so it’s probably not someone she wants me to know.  Since sheturned towards him, I can only see the back of her head.  It would be niceif I could at least see her face.

“Ifyou would have listened to your messages, you would have known I was coming toget you.  Mike is going home for the weekend.  I figured you couldcome stay with me for a few days.  We need to get our shit figured outbefore we go home next weekend for Lori’s engagement party,” he explains. 

“I’mnot going anywhere.  I’m obviously busy here.”  She holds her handsout to the laptop in front of her.

“Whatare you doing?”  He glances at me briefly, but then looks back at her.


“Doit when you get back.”  

“It’sdue tomorrow.”  She’s lying.  It’s not due until the beginning of thenext lab on Wednesday.  This guy is starting to piss me off.  Shedoesn’t want anything to do with him and he isn’t getting the hint.

“I’llwait,” he informs her slumping his side against the doorway.

“Whatthe hell, Jeff?  I’m not going anywhere with you tonight and I’m certainlynot going to your sister’s engagement party.  I think I made it prettyclear a few weeks ago that we’re done.  Go the hell back to school,” sheshouts.  That’s why I don’t recognize him.  He doesn’t even gohere.  She’s getting even more upset and I want nothing more than to pullher in my arms and comfort her.  If this guy doesn’t get the hell out ofhere, someone might end up calling the cops on me tonight. 

“Ijust drove an hour to get you.  Come stay with me and we can talk thisout, privately,” he snaps back.

“It’syour fault you drove here without hearing back from me.  There is nothingto talk about.”

“Whynot?  Are you fucking this guy?”  He moves to get in her face and I’mready to stand up, but Alyssa beats me to it.  She stands up so fast thewooden chair flies out from under her, hitting Leah’s desk across the smallroom.

“Livingroom.  NOW!” she yells pointing in the direction she wants him togo.  He glares at me once more, but then walks out.  She follows himwithout looking back.  She pulls the door closed behind her, but it staysopen a crack.  “How dare you come in here like this?  You have noright!”

“Tellme right now.  Are you fucking him?”

“Notthat I ever have to explain anything to you ever again, but no.  I’m notfucking anyone.  That’s your thing, remember?”  It all makes sensenow.  This stupid asshole had her and cheated on her.  This must bewhy she’s been so upset.

 “God damn it, Alyssa!  I apologized ahundred times.  If you would have listened to my voicemails or read myfucking texts you would know.  I was drunk.  She meant absolutelynothing to me.  I’ve never done anything like that before and I won’t everdo it again.”

“Youknew I was coming that night.  You knew I was going to be walking intoyour room any minute.  You wanted me to see you with her.”  The painin her voice breaks my heart and makes me want to punch something.

“Baby,just let me…”

Shecuts him off before he can finish.  “Don’t you ‘Baby’ me you selfish sonof a bitch!”  I feel terrible that I am in here practically eavesdropping,but I cannot leave.  If he does anything to hurt her, someone needs to behere.

“Whatthe fuck, Jeff?” Julia screams.  “You told me outside you were here topick her up.  You told me that you guys were working it out.  Youfucking lied to me to let you in?  Get out of here, right now.  I’mcalling Tommy.  I’ll call Public Safety if I have to.”

“Julia,I got this,” I hear Alyssa saying.

“Lyss, I’m sorry.  I had no idea,” Julia says to her,but I hear her door slam.

“Justlisten to me for one second, please,” Jeff begs.  “I was in the middle oftelling her how I’m proposing to you at my sister’s engagement party one minuteand the next she was coming on to me.  Damn it.  I was wasted. I’m so sorry.  You have to forgive me.”

“Seriously? You were planning on proposing to me?”  Please don’t tell me she isfalling for this crap.  “You were planning on proposing to me and youslept with some tramp?  Get the fuck out of here, right now!  I don’tever want to see you again.  Ever.”