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Authors: Sullivan, Kyle Michel

How to rape a straight guy (page 5)

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“C’mon, puta,” he whispered.  “Take it.  Do it right.”

An’ I did.  I took it.  That’s how scared I was.  An’ I gagged as I did it, an’ not just because of what he was doin’ to me but also because he was so...fuckin’...dirty.  Stank of piss an’ shit an’ head cheese.  I choked on it as he shoved it in an’ out like he was fuckin’ my face.  An’ when he came, I almost blew chunks.  Then his buddies did the same thing to me, all of ‘em so fuckin’ much like Paco, I couldn’t tell ‘em apart.  Then they called me a fuckin’ puta, slapped me around a bit an’ flopped on a bunk to talk an’ play cards.

My brain went dead.  I couldn’t believe what I’d just done, all without any real fight.  Somethin’ I’d never of thought could happen to me.  But it had.  An’ I couldn’t even think about it.  I just lay where they left me an’ my mind stayed blank.  I’d of lay there all night but after about an hour, Paco slapped my ass an’ told me it was his buddy’s bunk, so I had to climb onto a top one.  I spent the night starin’ at the ceilin’, not thinkin’ or anything.  I felt filthy an’ sick an’ I was shakin’ an’ I hated my fuckin’ mother so fuckin’ much, right then, if she’d come t’ get me I’d probably have killed her.  I didn’t sleep a wink.

But that wasn’t the worst part.  That came the next night, after lights out.  That’s when Paco an’ his buddies yanked me off my bunk an’ slammed me against the wall.  Then Paco started rubbin’ my ass an’ tellin’ his buddies how nice an’ round it was.  He said it in Spanish, not realizin’ I knew some.  Just enough to figure out what he’s sayin’.

I tried to get away from him, but his guys held me too tight.  So I said, “C’mon, man, I did what you wanted, last night.  So leave me alone.  Please, man...please.”

Paco laughed an’ yanked my pants down to my knees, then he pulled my briefs down.  Then he rubbed his hands over my skin, sayin’, “He’s sweet.  Smooth as my bitch’s ass.  An’ white.”  An’ then he rammed himself inside me.  No warnin’, just somethin’ that felt as big as a fuckin’ banana suddenly inside me.

I felt like I was being ripped in half, it hurt so fuckin’ much!  I screamed, I know, but I don’t remember for how long.  All I can tell you for sure is, he kept pumpin’ into me an’ it kept hurtin’ an’ his buddies kept gigglin’ about it for what seemed like hours before he stopped.  Then the others fucked me, each one of ‘em.  An’ when they were done, they said I was theirs.  Let everybody in the jail know it.  I didn’t have the first fuckin’ idea what to do, so I let ‘em get away with it.  An’ I kept tellin’ myself I could hold out till my time was up.

But after a couple weeks, Paco got sick of me an’ started tryin’ to pass me around for cigs an’ dope.  By that point, I wasn’t dumb-fuck enough to let ‘em turn me into a jailhouse cunt, so I let slip to the whole wing how “Paco’d slapped me with a dose of herpes.”  Nobody wanted to even try me out, then.  He got pissed as shit when he found out, an’ him an’ his vatos came close to killin’ me, that night -- punchin’ me an’ kickin’ me an’ throwin’ me around.  I let ‘em till they threw me on the bunk an’ started rippin’ at my pants.  I was ready for ‘em, this time.  I’d hidden a plastic fork behind the bed.  I got real still, like I’d given up was gonna let ‘em butt-fuck me, again.  Then just as Paco was ready to plow into me, I jolted an’ kicked his amigos off me an’ swung the fork at Paco.  I nearly ripped his balls off.  Then I used it to hold his vatos back till the guards came.  They didn’t have much choice, that time, he was screamin’ so fuckin’ loud.  The second I heard ‘em gettin’ close, I broke the fork, chucked it down the toilet an’ flushed.

Shit, I couldn’t tell who was more pissed -- the vatos or the guards cause they couldn’t prove I had a weapon.  They threw me into a basement cell for a week, anyway, till they could sort their shit out.  Then I got released after the infirmary doctor confirmed I was just defendin’ myself against “a brutal sexual assault,” an’ they shifted the vatos to another cell block.  I got even smarter an’ told this guy from that block who was in the infirmary, that Paco’s buddies loved to suck me off as Paco raped me.  I hear they really did get to where they did, before long.  An’ the best part is, word got around I ripped Paco’s balls off with my bare hands, so nobody’d come near me, after that.  Word of it even followed me into Mid-state.  Added to the ear I shredded, the rap was, “Watch out for Curt, man; you pull shit with him, he’ll rip your dick off by just lookin’ at ya.”

When I got out of county’s when I started workin’ out real hard, so nobody could even sneak up an’ punk me out, again.  By the time I hit Mid-state, I was bulkin’ up.  It makes a difference, walkin’ into a real prison for the first time an’ bein’ built like a brick shit house, as my gramma’d say.  With such a major rep an’ solid fists, only an idiot’d want to think about fuckin’ with you, like that fuckin’ Nazi proved.  Good thing about it was, it gave me time to figure out how the joint worked.  An’ time to make a couple pals by hittin’ up some old buddies on the outside to send in some Tina to pass around.  By the time this one brother decided to try his “territorial” crap on me, I had a pack to watch my back.  So he did some huffin’ an’ struttin’ but never got down to really tryin’ anything.  Made the rest of my time go nice an’ easy.

Funny thing is, ‘cause of Paco an’ his buddies, when I turned a guy into my punk, he had to be cut.  Circumcised.  Don’t matter that I don’t suck his cock, that he only sucks mine.  Th’ second I find out he’s still got a foreskin, he’s on his own, an’ I spread th’ word he’s available.  Paco’s head cheese made me hate even bein’ around an uncut cock.

But now here were Wayne an’ Lenny lettin’ me know they had a good idea my cherry was long gone.  So I got snarly.

“What th’ fuck do you think?” I snapped.  “I’m a fuckin’ kid dealin’ with hard-assed cons who’re in for the thousandth time.  You think they give a shit ‘bout me or anybody?  An’ let’s get this straight -- they didn’t fuckin’ make me like it.”

“Which proves my point,” said Wayne.

“Bullshit,” I snarled.  “They just didn’t want to.”

“But you did?”

I shrugged.  I was startin’ to feel like I’d chatted too much, already.

“Why?” asked Lenny.  When I didn’t answer, he added, “How did you learn how to do it?”

I rolled my eyes.  “Practice, what the fuck you think?  An’ makin’ sure nobody’d try that shit with me, again.”

“How could you possibly make sure that -- ?”

“C’mon, Lenny, that part’s easy.  First I built myself up like this.”  I stood up an’ spread my arms apart, lettin’ ‘em see how powerful I was.  “Then I punked out a couple guys who’d tried to punk me.  Then I found out which guys you wanna deal with instead of fuck with, an’ I let ‘em use my punks.  An’ I fed ‘em some other stuff they wanted.  An’ then they started lettin’ me choose from the fresh meat that come in.  An’ when I turned ‘em, bit by bit -- what’s that phrase?  Through trial an’ error? -- I figured out how to make ‘em like it.  An’ once I knew, I showed those fuckers how, no matter how much they didn’t want to.  Some of ‘em with a wife an’ five kids on the outside, always talkin’ ‘bout how much they liked pussy an’ tits.  I’d lay ‘em back an’ I pop their legs in the air an’ I shove my dick up their ass an’ I’d make ‘em shoot their wads while I fucked ‘em on their backs, just like you fuck a woman.  An’ not just once; I did it to some of ‘em over an’ over.  I made ‘em like it.  I made ‘em think they were queer for a man’s dick up their ass.  I showed ‘em who was boss.  It wasn’t so hard to do.”

Wayne was lookin’ at me with wide eyes, again, but he still wasn’t backin’ down.  “That was in prison,” he said, so soft I almost couldn’t hear him.  “It’s a rarified environment, where men have few normal outlets for sex.”

“So...fuckin’...what?!  You think I’m lyin’?  You think I couldn’t drag some guy in off the street an’ do it to him, right now?!”

Lenny got up an’ put his hand on my arm, saying, “Curt, why don’t you sit back down?  Let me get you a nice cold beer.”

That’s when I realized I was standin’ over Wayne an’ he was frozen against the corner of the couch, lookin’ like he thought I was gonna pop him.  An’ maybe I was about to.  So I took in a deep breath, let Lenny have my bottle, stepped back an’ flexed to let off some of the tension in my back, then sat back on the chair.  Lenny headed into the kitchen.  His eyes never left me.

Wayne was tryin’ real hard to sound cool when he asked, “So you got guys to cum just by fucking them?”

I shrugged.  I could of told him there was more to it than that, but all of a sudden I wasn’t in a sharin’ kind of mood.

Lenny came back in with an ice cold one, cast a hard look at Wayne an’ said, “Then he was probably massaging their prostate.  That can force a man into an erection, and even an ejaculation.  Which must mean you have a huge dick.”

I could tell from how his hand shook that it was playtime.  I’d spooked ‘em an’ they wanted to get me done an’ gone before I got too much drunker.  So what the fuck; get it over with.  Why not?

“Almost ten inches,” I said.

“No,” was all Lenny could say.

I chuckled an’ said, “I can prove it.”

Lenny was back to all but dancin’.  He’d already put my snarl from a minute ago straight out of his head.  “You mean, I could measure it?  See for myself?”

I slid deeper into the chair, stretchin’ an’ lettin’ my body do its job.  Wayne was lookin’ me over with a wary interest that added to the warnin’ bells in my brain.  Now it was me ready to end it.

“Tell you what,” I said.  “Let’s bet on it.  Two hundred says I am.  A freebie, if I’m not.”

Lenny hesitated.  Wayne didn’t move.  Lenny looked at him an’ asked, “What do you think?”

Wayne licked his’ I knew I had him, even for all the crap he’d shot at me.  “For both of us?” he asked.

I smiled an’ said, “Two-fifty.”

Lenny went to a desk an’ pulled out a ruler.  Wayne pulled a hundred, a fifty an’ five twenties from his wallet.  I couldn’t believe it; the dumb fuck’s smart enough to know carryin’ that much around with him is askin’ for trouble.  He put it on the table.

I stood up, stretched, again, an’ slid my zipper down, real slow.  Makin’ ‘em wait was half the fun.  Then I pulled my dick out.  They both looked at it like they’d never seen one, before.

I started playin’ with it to get it hard, but Lenny jumped over to stop me.  “I want to check something out,” he said, then he took my dick an’ lay it on the ruler an’ whispered, “Five and a half inches, soft.  Now let me.”  An’ he began strokin’ me.  Wayne got closer, to watch.  I just stood there.

It didn’t take long to get me hard; Lenny had good strong hands.  An’ Wayne finally helped him by slippin’ my balls out an’ rollin’ ‘em with his fingers.  Through it all, I closed my eyes an’ thought about nothin’.  I never did think when I was lettin’ a guy do me.  My mind’d just go blank, like I was in a trance, even though I knew I wasn’t.  It’s weird how it happens.  Anyway, when I was as big as I could get, Lenny put the ruler alongside my dick an’ whistled.  “Nine and three-quarters,” he said.  “Close enough,” an’ then he slipped his mouth around me.

It wasn’t the best blowjob I ever got, but it wasn’t the worst, either.  An’ Wayne joined him.  They kept swappin’ mouths between my dick an’ my balls, an’ it felt good like that, so I let ‘em put their hands wherever they wanted.  So long as they didn’t pull my jeans down any lower.  An’ as I was close to takin’ off, I started thinkin’, “That’ll show you, Connie.  Fuckin’ cunt.  I’m the one in control, here.”

When I was done, I felt -- I dunno, I can’t really describe it.  I felt...easy.  Full.  Relaxed.  Wanted.  All of it.  An’ I noticed Lenny an’ Wayne’d taken care of themselves at the same time -- one hand for each other, one for me.  Wayne was still jugglin’ my balls an’ strokin’ my dick an’ I didn’t want him to stop.  Even when he ran his hands up the insides of my legs an’ around an’ up over my butt.  I liked the feelin’s it brought, weird ones that were comfortable.  Casual.  Calm.  But I couldn’t let him think that that’s what I liked, so that’s when I took the money off the table an’ shoved it in my pocket. Then I tucked my dick away.

Lenny lay back against the couch, smilin’ like a cat that just ate some dumb bird.  Wayne was still runnin’ his hands over me.  Now he was behind me, runnin’ his hands under my arms an’ over my pecs like he was worshipin’ me, or somethin’.  Then he started gettin’ lower, goin’ back down around my butt, again, so I stepped away from him an’ drank down the last of my beer.

“I better split,” I said.

“You don’t have to,” said Wayne.

I shrugged an’ set the bottle on the table.  “Naw, I got a ways to go to get home.”

“Long drive?” asked Lenny.

“Walk,” I said.  “I got no car.”

“We could drive you,” said Wayne.

“Don’t want you to.”

I headed for the door.

“You want a car?” asked Lenny.

I stopped an’ looked at him, thinkin’ I knew what he meant.  A little more serious “fun time” an’ I’d get a set of wheels.  An’ to be honest, I was up for it -- dependin’ on what he was wantin’ in the way of “fun time.”  “Why, you got one you don’t need?”

Lenny didn’t move, just let his eyes drift in my direction as he said, “Yes.  A Chevy.  Not a new one, but it runs good.”

“What’s it gonna cost?”

“You show me how you did it.”

I didn’t get it.  Neither did Wayne -- or I don’t think he did.  I was pretty much ready to think I didn’t know anything about how Wayne thought.  He looked at Lenny like he was talkin’ some weird language an’ said, “You want him to come back?”

“Yes,” said Lenny.  “Then I want him to show me how he did it.  Prove he did it.”

“Did what?” I asked.

“Made ‘em cum.”

Now I’m not gonna tell ya I really thought about what Lenny was sayin’.  I didn’t.  Didn’t even really think about what it meant.  Didn’t wonder why he wanted to know.  Didn’t consider it’d be messin’ with a guy in the community who’d never done a thing to me instead of with a con who was kicked into my path by those self-righteous assholes that run the country.  I didn’t tell myself I wasn’t queer or that I oughta be doin’ a girl instead of a guy, even tho’ I’d never even thought about doin’ anything like that to any chick since I had Connie to fuck with.  Or that what Lenny was askin’ me to do was worth prison, an’ that if I was caught it’d be my second strike.  I didn’t even get pissed at his real meanin’ -- that he thought I was full of shit an’ couldn’t back up what I’d said.  All I thought was, “You’ll give me a car?”

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