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Layin' the law

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Layin' the Law


Roxy Wood


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Afew years back, I dated this cop. I know, right? Me and a cop seems about themost unlikely combination imaginable unless he was bustin' my ass fordisorderly behavior in public. I mean, when faced with a choice between gettingbusted or giving head, I'll opt for something I enjoy doing anyway. It's mycivic duty, to my way of thinking. Besides, Joey busted my ass plenty... justnot in that particular way.

Imet him at this fancy thousand-a-plate charity function at the mayor's mansion.It wasn't long after I started that freelance cocktail waitressing gig myfriend Jen drug me into. A short skirt and a big smile for a couple hours. Barelegs toned from lots of tennis. Thong. Nice tips, from the menandtheladies. There were far worse jobs that paid far less. Might as well use whatthe Creator gave me, right? It was easier that stripping, although strippingwas like being paid to work out... just in spike heels.

Helooked so hot in his dress uniform, crisp shirt tight across his broadshoulders and khaki pants equally tight across his hard ass. Clean shaven andwith his blond hair so sunbleached it was nearly as white as his teeth. Had tobe married, I remember thinking. Had to. My pussy didn't care. It was alreadysaying, "Let's go!"

Hewas chatting with the mayor's wife, who appeared every bit as enchanted by hisgood looks as I was. He smiled graciously as she prattled, not the tiniestspark of interest in his steel blue eyes. Yet his attention never wavered. Atrue gentleman, that one.

Itried to catch a glimpse of his left hand, but it was in his pocket, probablyfondling his keys with thoughts of escape. I caught myself drifting into afantasy of following him out the door and sliding into the passenger seat ofhis pick-up. I would kick off my shoes and put my feet on the dash, letting theair from the vents fill the cab with my scent. Fuck! I wanted him.

Ifigured he'd just roll with it, given that he probably got as much action as hedesired with those looks. He'd play with my wet pussy until we got to his placethen take me from behind—hard and fast—as soon as we got inside. The secondtime would be more controlled. The third, exquisite.

Ishook myself back to the present and focused on my job, all the whilecontinuing my reconnaissance. I had to know whether the object of my lust hadhis cart hitched to another wagon.

Now,mind you I could have any man—or woman, for that matter—I set my sights on,married or not, but this here girl's got a code. I don't mess with no othersister's man... or brother's woman... or any other combination of consentingadults. It's my fucking golden rule. Literally. There are plenty of hot, hornypeople in this city. I don't need to cause anyone grief by stealing theirsqueeze. I might be considered a slut by some, but I'm a principled slut.

Idon't mess with the kids, either. Just because something sweet is in a bar witha drink in their hand doesn't mean they're legal. And their parents don't carewhat assumptions you made based on that fact. I'm just sayin'. So, if a targetisn't clearly older than me, I have been known to ask for ID. Seriously.

Findinga good lover under the age of twenty-five is rare, anyway. The dudes shoottheir loads too fast—although they do reload quickly—and the chicks are justtoo full of angst, venom, or themselves. I'll take a well-seasoned lover anyday of the week.

Thatreception was so busy it was well over an hour before I finally managed tomaneuver my short skirt, my big smile, and my tray of expensive champagne tohis general vicinity. Joey, I overheard someone call him. Joey Malone. He hadinched closer to the door, although he showed no signs of imminent departure.

Hewas clearly older than me. Mid-thirties at least. Maybe forty. Well-seasonedindeed.

"Careful,honey," Jen whispered in passing, her empty tray in both hands behind herback as she leaned toward me. "That one's got one hell of a rep."

Iput on my poker face and squared my shoulders. "I am certain I do not knowto whom you are referring."

Sherolled her eyes. "Right. Just... well... y'know... be careful."

Iwatched her walk away, curious about her warning and appreciative of herbackside. Jen knew me well. She knew  I had a weak spot for strapping whiteboys, especially those in uniform. Young or old. It didn't matter. It was theprotect-and-serve bit that just melted me. The chivalry. The selflessness.Those who put their lives on the line for others usually knew how togive,if you get my drift. And they also knew how to take orders... and, forofficers, how to give them. An absolutely titillating skill set.

Plus,digging my claws into some granite biceps while he drove his hips into minedidn't suck, either. Oh, and that soft hair. I could already feel it slidingthrough my fingers.

Untiltonight, however, my infatuation had been with the military, especially theMarines. I was a bit too much of a wild child to mess with law enforcement...or so I believed.

Mydaddy had been in the Marines. Tall and proud. He was killed when I was just atoddler, but my mother kept him alive in my memory. I grew up fantasizing abouthim. About how he'd extend that white-gloved hand and ask me to dance. Abouthow he'd gallantly waltz around the room with his little girl standing on his feet.My officer. My gentleman.

Whenpuberty arrived, those fantasies developed right along with my ripe body. Myhand became his hand, his tongue, his cock. He'd lavish me with attention,teach me how to please him, study how to please me. Without even being there,he took me to places no other lover could even approach.

"Excuseme," a deep, gravelly voice came from behind. He stood so close; I couldfeel the heat emanating from his body.

Alreadyon edge, I shuddered.Get a grip on yourself, girl!I took a deepbreath, brightened my smile a notch, and turned slowly. My eyes met his chest,and I looked up through my lashes before raising my chin. His presence was evenmore impressive up close. Poised, self-assured, and commanding respect.

"Whatcan I do for you, sir?" I added a little pause before thesir, foremphasis.

Theintended effect was not lost on him. He appeared as shaken as I felt, a verygood sign.

Smiling,he plucked the last remaining glass from my tray, tipped his head in thanks,and took a drink. "Ah, thank you. I was parched."

"Myapologies. I've been trying to make it to this side of the room for over anhour, but the guests have been like piranha—"

"Bitingyou?" he quipped, raising an eyebrow.

"Champagnepiranha," I clarified as I tucked the tray under one arm.

"Pity.I was rather enjoying the image of nibbling on your thighs."

Oh,I enjoyed it as well, but before I allowed myself to indulge further, I had toknow if he was committed to anyone. "Mister—" I made a show ofexamining his name tag. "—Malone, I—"


"Joey,"I corrected. "Are youwithanyone?"

Hesmiled, lifted his left hand, and waggled his fingers. "Single. Nocommitments. Why?"

Iglanced at the clock. My shift ended in fifteen minutes. "Before I seducesomeone, I always check."

Hissmile widened. "And here I thought I was the one doing the seducing. Shallwe skip the dance altogether and proceed directly to the nibbling?"

"Normally,"I confided in all seriousness, "the dance is a big part of the turn on.The scent of prey. The thrill of the hunt. However, after being on my feet inthese shoes for the past four hours, I very much like the idea of cutting thechase."

Flirtationis intoxicating. Playing hard-to-get while someone pursues your horny ass isgood for the ego. Grinding on the dance floor is wonderful foreplay. But,without exception, spending that time with nothing between the two of you but alayer of sweat beats all of those options by long mile.

Heblinked, as if surprised by my no-nonsense approach. "Very well then—"


"—Serenity.I'll meet you by the door in fifteen minutes. Oh, and don't forget to bringyour thighs, little girl."

Witha wink and light kiss on my cheek, he brushed past me and made for the headtable to, I assume, pay his farewell respects. His last words—little girl—mademe weak in the knees.

It'snot that I wasn't. Little, I mean. Five one on a good day and maybe a hundredpounds dripping wet. Even so, the words meant way more to me than a descriptionof my physical appearance. They traveled through my ears, along my nerveendings, and straight to my clit faster than you could saydaddy.

I'mnot sure how long I stood there, savoring those words, before Jen got myattention.

"C'mon.Boss said we could take off a couple minutes early. There's a bottle ofSouthern Comfort at home with my name on it." Her keys were already in hereager little hand.

"Yougo ahead. I'll see you later."

Shelooked at me sideways. "Girlfriend, youwilltell me every detailin the morning, hear?"

"Counton it," I nodded.

Witha wave, she flounced away, carrying her strappy pumps in the crook of onefinger. Again, I admired her retreat.

Imade a quick stop in the ladies' room to make sure everything was looking asgood as it felt. For good measure, I slipped off my panties and stuffed them inmy bag. I wouldn't be needing them for a while.

Joeywas waiting, right where he said he'd be, looking for all the world like a manabout to indulge in some toe-curling, headboard-banging, nail-gouging,thigh-nibbling sex. Even his slacks betrayed his plans as they pulled slightlytighter across his crotch. I liked what I saw. Not a full blown boner. Just ananticipatory thickening. Flattering as opposed to desperate.

Iwondered if I'd get a chance to feel him harden in my mouth or if he'd alreadybe rock hard by the time I got on my knees in front of him. With this one, Imight have to wait until the second or third or even fourth round for thatparticular pleasure. First time around, if a guy isn't hard before his clothescome off, it makes me think that I really don't turn him on.

Thatwouldn't be the case tonight. Not if the preview was any indication of the mainevent. I decided to shelve my "bold seductress" and let my "badlittle girl" take center stage. I had a suspicion Joey would like that.

Tothat end, I popped a piece of bright pink bubblegum in my mouth, kicked off myshoes and slung them around my Hello Kitty purse strap, then slowly walkedtoward Joey with my gaze intent on my phone. Any casual observer would've mistakenme for a self-absorbed mocha teen princess, blowing bubbles and texting. If Joey was as perceptive as he seemed, my little role playing would spark a nightof fantasy fulfillment.

"Younglady, where on earth have you been?" Joey's voice was serious and stern."You were supposed to be here five minutes ago."

Mystomach did a happy somersault, and I fought the urge to smile. "I'msorry, daddy." Might as well go for broke, I figured. I know my voicequivered, although out of anticipation rather than fear. "I had to use thebathroom."

Joeydidn't appear to be buying her excuse. "My time's valuable, little girl.You should keep that in mind when you're primping in front of a mirror."

"Isaid I'm sorry, daddy. I just wanted to look nice, and I really did have topee. Besides—"

Joeylooked at me and sighed, playing the part of an exasperated parentconvincingly. "Besides, what? Don't eventhinkyou can lie to meand get away with it."

Ihesitated, then decided to push things a bit. "My panties were kinda, um, wet.I had to take them off." If I hadn't taken them off, I thought, theymight've absorbed at least some of the moisture pooling in my slit andthreatening to trickle down the inside of my thighs.

Joeystopped short. I caught the wicked grin that pulled at the corner of his mouthbefore he reigned it in. "I can see it's time we had a"

Withoutanother word, he marched ahead of me. I followed obediently, still popping mygum and checking my texts. Inside, my excitement made it difficult to bring myeyes into focus so I could actually read the words on phone's screen.

Thepolice cruiser was waiting out front, back door open. Joey was leaning againstit with his arms crossed.

"Aw,gee. Do Ihaveto sit in the back? I promise I'll be good. Please let mesit up front with you, daddy."

Joeyglared at me. That bulge I'd observed earlier was noticeably thicker. My mouthwatered.

"Pretty,pretty please?" I whined so convincingly that I wanted to spank myself.

Henodded curtly, pushed the back door shut, and slid into the driver's seat,leaving me to circle the car. My legs, although shaky, managed to carry me tothe passenger door. If I got any wetter, I would be making slurpy noises when Iwalked.

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