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ParkCrest View


Love Chronicles

Volume 1By Author Candace Mumford

A.N.C. Media Publishing

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Smashwords Edition

July 2011

First Edition

Parkcrest View

The Love Chronicles Volume 1

Welcome to the ParkCrest View Apartments. We welcome all new and potential residents into what we hope will be a tight knit, caring community. Management is always here to help and feel free to knock on the door of a friendly neighbor when in need !

ParkCrest View Apartments – Where neighbors turn into family and friends.

The ParkCrest View Welcome Wagon AKA Management

Necessary Changes

" Do you think you could help bring in some of these groceries Darien?" Jazzlyn yelled.Damn you would think he'd be running out the door to help me bring in thesebags since he's the first one eating every damn thing in sightshe thought to herself.

"Darien!" Jazzlyn yelled again. "Damn girl why you doing all that damn yelling? Shit I'm act like the food is going somewhere. I'll bring it in a few minutes. My game is almost done!" I couldn't do shit but stare at him when he said that. My oh-so fine boyfriend of 4 years was getting uglier and uglier by the minute to me. I stood looking at him for a few minutes, his deep, dark ,sexy eyes with lashes women would kil for. Perfect milk chocolate skin that coated his perfect 6'4 muscular frame to perfection and to top it off had the nerve to have one deep dimple in his left cheek. I'll be the first one to tell you I fell for it al . Hook line and sinker the day I laid eyes on his ass...but today? Four years later trust and believe I'm seeing clearly.

"What are you stil looking looking at? I said I'd bring them in." Darien said and turned his back on me to finish his game. "I'm not looking at anything. Absolutely nothing." I replied and I meant that. Literally. I just took my behind on back to the car to finish bringing in the rest of the groceries because by the time Darien made his way to bring it in, al my money would have been wasted. When I got back to the car my new neighbor was pulling in. I popped the trunk and started trying to gather as many bags as I could so I wouldn't have to make five trips back and forth to the car." Let me help you with some of those bags." My neighbor said as he laughed at me. "You ain’t slick! I see you trying to get all those at one time so you don't have to come back."he said. I had to laugh myself that he spotted exactly what I was doing.

" I don't want to put you out. Besides my boyfriends going to come and bring them in."I said.

" Don't worry about it. I don't mind. Besides, I'm right here ; and going the same way."

He said.

" I'm so embarrassed to ask but ..." I said.

" My name is Tyson." he said laughing at me. " I knew you didn't remember it because you never say it when we pass in the hall. It's OK though I'm going to give you a pass,but after you have me breaking a sweat carrying al these bags in you have to remember my name. Even if Ididoffer OK?"Tyson said laughing.

" You have a deal." I laughed and smiled. For the first time since he moved in, I took a good long look at my new neighbor. I can't lie this white dude lookeddamngood.

Hell if ever I was trying to get my "Something New" on,Tysonwould be at the top of the list. He looked a little taller than Darien I guess, about 6'6 and since it looked like he'd just come from the gym, I could see his muscular arms and legs. Hell when he was in front of me carrying the bags dare I say he had some ass too? A low cut tapered haircut nicely edged up all around with the most striking green eyes I'd ever seen. With a sexy mouth to boot. I know Mr. Tyson was giving these white women a run for their money for damn sure.

"Thank you so much for bringing these up for me I real y appreciate itTYSON." I said with emphasis so he knew I remembered his name.

" Anytime Jazzlyn." Tyson said as he sat all my bags in front of my door. I came in put al the groceries up and straightened up the kitchen a bit. After I was done with that

,hopped in the shower and freshened myself up. Before I'd done the shopping I made a trip to the gym. I try to always workout three times a week because a sista does like to eat! While I put lotion on my skin Darien came into my bedroom. " You're so pretty baby."Darien said.

" Thanks." I said turning my back on him. Typical Darien,always showing his face when all the work is done. I hope he doesn't have the nerve to walk his behind this way thinking for a minute I'm about to get on my back,knees...or any other position for that matter!

"Baby let me get a little some of that before my man Rico gets here." Darien asked laying back on the bed rubbing his hard dick. His ass must be turned on looking at me bringing in groceries!

"What do you mean?" I said stepping into the panties of a matching red set. Dariens favorite color. "You told me it would be you and I the entire weekend Darien. " I said not even bothering to mask the attitude in my voice " I've looked forward to spending some real time with you. Other than when you decide to crawl in my bed late at night after spending all your time with everyone else." I said.

"Aww baby damn! It ain’t even like that. We going to turn a few corners and I'l be back before you know it." Darien said.

Once those words came out of Darien's mouth it was if I saw him,reallysaw him for the first time. All the broken dates, out right lies, conversations had with him where the questions I asked regarding our relationship and where it was headed after four years, were all of a sudden crystal clear.What did I really have to show for my four yearrelationship with Darien?I asked myself.Nothing,with a promise of more nothing tocome.My mind answered back without a moments hesitation.

I stood there looking at him shaking my head,my disgust with the whole situation written al over my face. Not only with his actions,but mine for allowing myself to be treated this shitty for atleastthe last year.

"Darien, this is over. I don't want to argue about it. But this is a wrap. I'm done. You and I both know it. I feel I've been a good woman to you, I've done all I can to provide for your every need for the last four years,sexually,mental y when you've needed it. Nothing ever seems to be enough for you to really want to be in this relationship with me. And I'm damn tired of being in a relationship alone." I said looking Darien dead in his eyes as I said every word. It was killing me to say the words I knew deep inside I should have said long ago. I knew I had to though. I already knew Darien never would. Hell why would he? He had it made in this relationship.

" Aww girl , you're always blowing some shit out of proportion! What the fuck are you tripping about now?”Darien said raising his voice." You...tired ofME? I get tired ofyoursimple ass bul shit Jazzlyn. Always whining about nothing. Take your ass on then if you wanna go."Darien said.

" Darien that's just the type of mess I'm talking about! If you can't see al the problems I see with us,especially this last year. I know more than ever we need to part ways. I love you and from day one I've been all in with you. Nothing but love and devotion towards you. Even when your ass didn't deserve it and I'm tired of it. Tired." I said looking at him doing my damnedest not to let a tear drop fall.

"Whatever Jazz. I ain’t never gonna lie and say you ain’t one of the baddest females out here but your nagging ass ways gonna make me leave your ass for good one day."

Darien said with the same old condescending tone I'd come used to hearing.

The same tone that tried to make me feel like I was being a nag for wanting him to keep a steady job, the same tone he used when he tried to convince me I just needed to accept the fact he would stand me up for dates with no notice. The same fucking tone that tried to make me feel like I was just being too "needy" when I wanted to be talked to and held after he fucked me. When he'd rather hop in the shower and hit the club with his boys.

" You know what Darien? I wont wait for you to leave me for good one day. You can go on and get the fuck out now. Bye."

Secrets and Lies

"Hey, you talk to Jazz today?" Darien asked.

" No. Why what's up ?" Trevonne said " Because I was just over there and her ass blew up on me over some simple ass bullshit. Jazzlyn called herself breaking up with me and shit. I just wanted to see if she said anything to you. Make sure you ain’t let nothing slip about what me and you have been doing, know what I'm saying?"Darien said.

" So you mean you guys broke up Darien? You're single now? " Trevonne asked.

"Trevonne please, answer the damn question! Yea I guess technical y I'm single. Till Jazzlyn get her damn mind right but don't you get it twisted. I love her ass and whatever the fuck I do with you or anyone else for that matter don't mean shit to me. Believe that right there. "Darien said.

" Damn why you going off on me?” Trevonne asked sounding like she was about to cry.

" Because hel you asking me if I'm single and shit, like I'd ever get with you on that type of level. That ain’t never gonna happen. I'm a man and I do man shit, but the only female I ever intend to wife up is Jazz. I put in the last four years of my life with her.

When I'm done with a few other things and decide to real y do right completely imma marry her ass. So don't ever get that shit twisted!"Darien said.” Now you wanna give me some of that pussy or what? Hel you owe me any damn way... I was making up an excuse to slide on over and see you when she started tripping. Told her Rico was coming to pick me up, but I was going to stop by your place. You owe me the pussy."

Darien said, sounding every bit of the arrogant asshole he knew he was.

With Friends Like These....

I can't stand the way Darien talks to me. Even though I hate it, the minute Darien said he was coming over I jumped up and hopped my ass in the shower to get ready for him.

As soon as I got out I saw my cell was ringing. The cal er I.D. said it was Jazzlyn, I just let it ring. I knew exactly what she wanted to talk about, her and Darien breaking up. I'll keep it real I didn't want to hear any of that right now. I didn't want any guilty feelings creeping into my head at all. I just wanted whatIwanted for a change. Which just happens to be my best friends boyfriend. Anyone on the outside looking in would think I was a horrible person, a backstabbing friend. Really I'm not. I love Jazzlyn. Growing up with 2 brothers, she's the sister I never had and I know she feels the exact way about me.

I grew up in a single parent home raised with my two brothers by my mom. Jazzlyn and I met in fifth grade and it seems like we just gravitated towards one another from day one. Me the pretty yellow bone as so many liked to say and Jazzlyn the “Black Pocahontas” Jazzlyn was nick named that long ago because of the beautiful long thick hair she has. People who don't know her always want to say it's some weave just because she's dark. But it's all her though. Jazzlyns mom refused to ever let her get a perm even though Jazzlyn would plead with her growing up for one so she could stop getting it pressed by Miss Ida every Friday for years. Hell truth be told...I'm the one wearing a long ass weave! I could never get mine grown out good. I guess no one questions me too much on it because I'm light skinned. In a lot of ways I've always wanted what Jazzlyn has. Though I've never openly admitted it. Jazzlyn has a mom and dad who adore her being their only daughter. I don't know where the hell my dad is. He left when I was three. I have a mother that yeah she kept a roof over our heads, but anything extra was mainly for her so she'd look good chasing down the next man. Who would of course soon move in...then out. One of them even tried to touch my breasts once when I was twelve. When I told my mom about it she just told me to stop walking my fast ass around in front of grown men. That did make her stop bring men to the house though. She just started staying the night with them instead. Jazzlyn even has two fine ass brothers who dote on her . If Jazzlyn were to say she neededanything, three men would be at her beck and call. Her dad and two brothers.

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