Razor's traitorous heart: the alliance book 2

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Razor’s Traitorous Heart:The Alliance Book 2

By S. E. Smith



I would like to thank my husband Steve forbelieving in me and being proud enough of me to give me the courageto follow my dream. I would also like to give a special thank youto my sister and best friend Linda, who not only encouraged me towrite, but who also read the manuscript. Also to my other friendswho believe in me: Julie, Jackie, Lisa, Sally, Elizabeth (Beth) andNarelle. The girls that keep me going!

—S. E. Smith


IMPRINT: Erotic Romance

Science Fiction Romance


Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2014 by S. E. Smith

First E-Book Published June 2014

Cover Design by Melody Simmons

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: This literary work maynot be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,including electronic or photographic reproduction, in whole or inpart, without express written permission from the author.

All characters, places, and events in thisbook are fictitious or have been used fictitiously and are not tobe construed as real. Any resemblance to actual persons living ordead, actual events, locales, or organizations are strictlycoincidental.


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Kali Parks is a shadow in the war between twofactions that are fighting to gain control of Chicago. Born andraised on the streets, she stands as a silent sentinel at herbrother’s side as he battles to gain control. She will do whateverit takes to bring peace to those she has pledged her life toprotect, including fighting against the creatures that came totheir world almost six years before.


Razor, a High Chancellor for the Alliance,has been sent to oversee the remaining Trivator troops on Earth andmake sure the transition for the induction of Earth into theAlliance goes smoothly. He is the one the Alliance calls when theyhave a situation that needs to be resolved once and for all. Hisreputation for dealing with difficult rebels is renowned. He asksno questions and takes no prisoners. His job is to eliminate allthreats to the Alliance.


He finds himself torn between duty andsomething he is unfamiliar with, his heart. When a shadow warriorsaves his life and disappears, he discovers his world is no longeras cut and dry as he thought. The more he learns, the more hediscovers he is not immune to the warrior’s passionate desire tofight to protect her people.


Forced by duty to settle the conflict, hemust decide between the Alliance and his own desire to claim theunwilling warrior. When the conflict escalates, he does the onlything he can; he makes a pact with one of the factions in exchangefor a prize that will surely cause a battle of a different kind –the one for his traitorous heart.


Will he be able to claim her before sheescapes from him again? Or worse, will she sacrifice her life toprotect those she loves before he can?

Chapter 1

“Prepare the cleanup,” Razor’s deep voiceordered as he watched the fires burning in the remains of the cityfar below. “I want reconstruction of the city to begin within themonth.”

“Yes, sir,” the male standing behind himreplied.

“Was this really necessary?” The human malestanding next to him asked in a shaken voice.

The huge Trivator warrior, known only by thename of Razor, stood in rigid silence on the bridge of theobservation warship. The advanced command ship was overseeing thedemolition of the city below. The human city that was once calledMexico City was now a pile of burning rubble. All life, allbuildings, everything had been wiped clean.

Razor had earned his name. He cut throughthe resistance like a fine scalpel slicing through a life-givingartery. He was brought in when all others failed.

He was one of three High Chancellors for theAlliance and was in charge of the vast military structure. He wasalso one of the most controversial members among the council. Itwas his job to oversee the vast number of Trivator troops that madeup the security forces of the Alliance. Their job was to initiatefirst contact, subdue any fear, and establish a safe environmentfor additional members of the Alliance to begin the process ofbringing the new world under their protection.

He was used to the fear when they first madecontact with a new species. Most beings soon realized that theAlliance was there not to harm or control, but to help bring theminto the larger and often more advanced star systems surroundingthem. For young, unprepared planets such as this, it could befrightening and some resistance was to be expected. Still, thehumans had been surprisingly stubborn to the point they wouldrather destroy their world than accept the visitors they hadunwittingly invited through the messages they sent out.

Razor’s eyes narrowed on the ruins belowhim. This was a perfect example of the waste of resources and life.He had no regrets for his actions. The humans below had been warnedthat the Alliance had reached the end of its patience with thosethat continued to rebel against them.

The Alliance had finally decided it was nolonger willing to waste time and resources to bring the last of themajor cities on the planet under control. The rebels were warned tocease fighting and work with the new world government that wasestablished or be erased. Those controlling the city below hadrefused the twelve hour grace period. Exactly one minute after thedeadline, demolition ships began flattening the city.

Razor stared calmly down at the destruction.Since his arrival on the planet six months before, he had alreadyresolved the issues with the rebels on the other side of the worldthat continued to resist integration into the Alliance. The smallrebel groups in Cairo, Paris, and Riyadh had agreed to lay downtheir arms and the cities were currently being rebuilt. Of course,those agreements had come after he had ordered the Ukraine’s cityof Kyiv leveled after rebels there opened fire. He had warned themwhat would happen. Those that refused to leave at first had fled indesperation as the huge destroyers began demolition of the city.Those that continued to resist died.

“Yes,” he replied coolly to the humanrepresentative that had been assigned to the region.

“You should have…” The man began.

“Resistance will no longer be tolerated. Itis time to accept that your world is no longer alone in theuniverse. The Alliance’s decision is final. It is time to rebuildyour world and move forward.”


Juan Rodriguez, the new Mexicanrepresentative to the Alliance, swallowed as the large alien nextto him turned and walked away. His eyes moved to the city where hehad been born. It had taken less than an hour for the city to beleveled. The power and precision behind the destruction left himshaken.

His eyes moved to the dozens of largeDestroyers that scanned for remains. A shiver of fear ran throughhim. It was hard to believe it was only six short years since thealien warships appeared in the skies around the planet. Since then,he had moved from being a simple, newly graduated University ofMexico student in Political Science to being the representative forhis people.

His eyes clouded as he remembered hispassionate plea for peace. He had been shocked when the Allianceheard of him and approached him about being a representative forhis people in the New World Government. They said they wereimpressed with his determination to calm those that continued tofight, his courage to face his opposition head on, and hiswillingness to face the council.

“What have we done?” He wondered under hisbreath as he gazed down at the devastation and thought of the menand women who refused to leave. “They should have listened to mewhen I warned them.”

Silence was his only answer. Around him,members of the Trivator troops worked seamlessly to guide thecommand ship over the remains. He glanced at the massive males thattowered over his own five foot nine frame. Their bodies were builtfor killing. He knew from experience that they were fast, agile,and deadly.

His eyes swept over the leader of theTrivators. Razor… no surname… just Razor. He was actually slightlyshorter by comparison, if you could call being close to seven feettall short. There was something about him that made him seem morethreatening than any of the others. There was a coldness, astillness that spoke of barely controlled violence.

Juan turned back to stare down at the firesand sighed. If this is what the man was like when he was calm, hehated to think of what he could do if he ever lost control. Hewouldn’t be surprised if the world did come to an end then, thistime from the aliens instead of mankind.

God in heaven,he thought as heremembered the cold yellow-gold eyes,I feel sorry for anyonewho makes him mad.


Chapter 2

“What was this city called?” Razor asked thehuman pilot sitting beside him.

He glanced down at the darkened ruins.Cutter, his second-in-command, had given him a report on it, but anew issue on the way to the area had taken priority. He had arrivedearlier that day to meet with other members of the Alliancecouncil.

He had been furious to discover the numberof details that had been deleted from the previously submittedreports. Badrick, the Usoleum council member who had formerly beenin charge of this star system, had a lot to answer for as far asRazor was concerned. Badrick was lucky to be alive after hediscovered the bastard had approved many of the falsified reportssubmitted to the Trivator generals and the council over the pastsix years.

Badrick’s interference, compounded with hisincompetence, was a big reason the Earth was still in such a mess.It was only because most of the evidence was circumstantial that hewas unable to remove Badrick and ship him off-world. Badrick haddone an excellent job of blaming others for his decisions. It was aslow process, but Razor was working on unraveling the UsoleumCouncilman’s lies.

“Chicago,” the pilot responded through theheadset. “Colonel Baker is in charge of this area. There are twogroups of rebels fighting for control. The fighting has heated upover the past few months. They’ve divided the city in half betweenthe north and south by building a huge-ass wall, reminds me a bitof the Great Wall of China only it’s made out of rubble. We call itthe Great Wall of Chicago,” the pilot joked.

Razor didn’t reply. He could see the twentyfoot high by thirty foot wide wall that cut the city in half. Theghostly figures of cranes towered over sections of it like silentsentinels in the night. There were dots of light, probably fromsmall fires, glowing faintly in the dark. He silently calculatedhow long it would take to level the city if the two opposing sidesrefused to lay down their arms.

“How much further to the base?” Razorasked.

“About forty-five minutes,” the pilotreplied.

Razor was silent. He would have preferred tohave brought his own transport, but an emergency pickup for severalwounded Trivator warriors was needed outside the city. He hadordered his own pilot to assist with the evacuation. The commandinghuman officer on location had offered the use of their owntransport so that he could continue to his meeting with ColonelBaker. A journey that should have taken a few minutes had stretchedinto over an hour so far.

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