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Rescued by the navy seal

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Owned By TheNavy Seal Series

Book 1

Owned by The Navy Seal

Book 2

Taken by The Navy Seal

Book 3

Rescued by The Navy Seal




Chapter 1.2

Chapter 2.6

Chapter 3.10

Chapter 4.12

Chapter 5.16

Chapter 6.18

Chapter 7.21

Chapter 8.24




Chapter 1


Jared set Rita down in his bathroom. Touching her face,gently and wiping a stray tear, he smiled at her.


“Don’t move.”


As Rita waited, Jared turned on the hot water and beganfilling the tub. Grabbing bath salts and some scented oil, he set it by the tuband turned back to Rita. Taking her by the hand, he pulled her toward thecenter of the room. Kneeling in front of her, he untied her boots and removedboth, followed quickly by her socks. Tapping her left leg, Rita bent her kneeas Jared put her foot on his shoulder. Slowly inspecting her foot and leg,Jared checked for any injuries. Rubbing the palm of his hand up her leg, hewrapped his hand around her calf as he squeezed gently and pressed light kissesto the inside of her knee. Sliding both hands up her leg, he rubbed her thighbefore setting her foot back down. Tapping her right leg, he repeated hisinspection as Rita groaned.


“Jared, I’m not injured, this isn’t necessary,” said Ritabreathlessly. “But that tub looks inviting.”


Kissing the inside of her right knee, Jared looked up ather. “I’ll be the judge of that.” Putting her foot back on the floor, he roseslowly. Leaning across her, he adjusted the water flow as he poured the saltsand lavender oil in the tub. Turning back toward Rita, he reached for the belton her shorts. Freeing the clasp, he tugged the zipper down and dropped hershorts to the floor. Bending, he kissed her stomach as his hands made lazycircles around her hips. Pulling her closer, Jared continued to kiss her as heslowly kneaded her ass. Cupping her cheeks, he inhaled her scent. The steamymix of lavender with her arousal was turning him on.


Taking a deep breath, he pressed more kisses to her bodyas he rose in front of her. Reaching for the hem of her shirt, he quicklypulled it over her head before reaching for the front clasp on her bra. A quicktug and her bra followed her shirt to the floor. Stepping forward, he grabbedher hips and pulled her against him. Watching her eyes, he slowly slid hishands up the sides of her body and around her back. Touching her everywhere, heinspected her. As his hands swept around to her front, he firmly cupped herbreasts as he absently rubbed her aureoles and flicked at her nipples. At hersudden breath, he watched as her eyes clouded over.


He had been panicked when he saw her with Tucker. Whilehe couldn’t see the man’s face, he’d heard enough about him to know to be wary.When he had been able to get close enough to see and hear what was going on, itwas all he could do to keep from leaping in there, guns blazing. Granted, hewould have wasted precious time running back to his truck for his sidearm. Hewas now giving serious thought to a conceal permit so he could carry it withhim. Shaking out of his reverie, Jared looked at Rita. Her pupils had grownquite large in the dimmed light. Smiling tentatively at him, Rita reached forthe buttons on his shirt. As he continued to touch her, Rita fumbled with thebuttons. Giving up, she tugged on his shirt as the buttons pulled loose. Reachingfor his belt buckle, she unhooked it before tucking it in the front pocket ofhis jeans. As Jared cupped her face, Rita paused to smile at him. Her eyesstill glistened and in that moment, Jared knew that he wanted to wipe thosefears from her memory.


Scooping her up, he placed her in the tub. Stepping back,he finished stripping off his clothes before climbing in behind her. Reachingfor a washcloth, he grabbed the soap and began to wash her slowly, determinedto remove the day’s filth from her. Leaning against his chest, Rita nestled herhead against his shoulder as Jared washed the day’s events from her.


Pushing her forward, Jared made quick work of her backand arms before pulling her back against him. Grabbing her hands, he kissedboth her arms before he pulled them over her head and around his neck. Kissingher shoulder, he began washing her chest. With each swipe around a breast, Ritawould gasp. Reaching for a second towel, Jared began a rhythmic pattern as hewashed her front. As he cupped both breasts with the towels, he twisted themlightly. The textured sensation against her fevered skin had Rita archingagainst him. Jared pulled her back against him. The effects of her movements weretaking its toll on him, as his arousal pushed against her back. Rubbing harder,Jared’s hands slowly swept down her body. Pausing to add more soap, he pushedRita’s legs farther apart as he swept the washcloths around her hips and overher thighs. Sliding both hands slowly back up the inside of her thighs, Ritagasped as she arched, meeting his hands. Sliding his left arm around her waist,Jared pinned her tightly against him as his right hand cupped her mound. Therough texture of the towel coupled with the gentle bubbles as he moved in thewater had Rita tossing her head against his shoulder. Moaning, she tried tolift her hips, but he held her tight.


Sliding a finger between her folds, he continued tomassage her with the towel as his finger began a slow push. In and out.Moaning, Rita tried to push down against his hand, but he held her firmly inplace. Moving his left hand to put pressure against her lower abdomen, Jaredlifted her slightly as he continued to pump in and out.


Rubbing his cheek against the side of her head, Jarednipped at her ear before murmuring, “We’ll go slowly but I want you to let itout. All of it. Don’t hold back.”


Nodding mutely in assent, Rita shuddered slightly as shesurrendered to the growing sensations. When Tucker had her and Casey corneredthis afternoon, the only person she could think about was Jared. She had spentso much time trying to shut her past down that she realized she was missing outon a future. A future that she wanted to spend with Jared and she was terrifiedthat she wouldn’t have the chance to tell him. When Jared rescued her thisafternoon, she knew that she loved him. He was solid and dependable and enjoyedspending time with him. Yes, the sex was wonderful. Exciting. But it was thoseempty spaces, when they weren’t doing anything that she relished. There was noawkwardness during those times.


It just felt right.


Of course, it helped that Casey adored him. While shewasn’t always the best judge of character, from a human standpoint, her shiftin demeanor when they were driving down his street was obvious, as she wouldcome to attention. The yips and barks as her excitement grew was infectious andRita enjoyed egging her on as they got closer. When they would arrive at hishouse and Rita opened the car door, Casey would bound out, running straight forJared who would open his arms to pet and play with her. As Rita would walktoward them, Casey would happily run around him, bumping his legs.


Rita felt light kisses down her cheek. She hadn’trealized that she started crying until she felt Jared’s lips kissing her where hertears fell. Soon, two fingers joined the first as Jared continued to plunge hisfingers slowly in and out. Spreading his hand, Jared twisted his fingerslightly touching her g-spot as his thumb massaged her clit. As he pushed harderagainst her abdomen, Rita could feel the pressure building. Moving his head,Jared suckled Rita’s neck as small fireworks began going off around her.Pushing against him, the orgasm came upon her and rolled slowly through asJared continued his rhythmic pumping, drawing the pains of the day, the painsof her past, from her. As Rita’s orgasm diminished, Jared didn’t stop, butcontinued to pump in and out. Reaching over with his left hand, he soaped hisfingers before drawing them into the water. Pressing one finger lightly againsther bud, he mimicked the same motion against her anus. Lightly. Consistently. Newelectric shocks began to pop around her. As Jared continued, he added a bitmore pressure as he pushed against her back entrance. Moaning, Rita pushedagainst his hand as his finger popped through the ring. Rita trembled as shefelt another orgasm building. Speeding up, Jared continued to plunge hisfingers in and out, as Rita rocked against him. Moaning, Rita held her hands intight fists as she shook against him.


“You’re holding back. Don’t hold it in,” whispered Jaredagainst her head.


Rita pushed down harder as Jared deepened his actions. Asthe fingers on his right hand twisted, deep inside her, the middle finger onhis left continued to pump in and out of her ass. His fingers rubbed against eachother through the skin that separated her vagina from her rectum and thesensation pushed Rita over the edge. With a sob, Rita arched against his chest.Holding his fingers, deep inside her, he held on as another orgasm washedthrough her carrying all the pent up emotions from the day. Sobbing, Ritacontinued to ride out the orgasm as Jared drew all the angst and anger from theday out of her. As Rita sagged against him, he pulled his fingers slowly out.Reaching out with his foot, he flipped on the hot water tap as hot water warmedthe now tepid bath. Grabbing a washcloth, Jared continued to bathe her as Ritacried. Turning the water off, he turned her over so she half lay on his chest andhugged her tightly to him.


Clutching him closely, Rita kissed his chest. “I loveyou,” Rita managed to blurt out in a rush.


Stilling beneath her, Jared grabbed her chin and turnedher head to look at him. “What did you say?”


Smiling tentatively, “I said, I love you.”


Lifting her off his chest, Jared stood as a wave of waterswept out of the tub. Stepping out, he quickly pulled Rita to her feet andscooped her back up. Turning swiftly, he strode out of the room as he carriedRita to his bed.


Tossing her onto the bed, Rita squealed, “Jared, the bed,it will be soaked.”


“Don’t care,” Jared responded as he followed her down.Kissing her all over, he hovered over her. “Say it again.”


Cupping his cheeks, Rita smiled up at him. “I love you,you big oaf.”


As Jared brushed her wet hair from her face, he smileddown at her. “I love you too, Rita. I have for a while now.”


“Why didn’t you say anything?”


Sighing, Jared replied, “Because of our pasts. Yours hadyou running scared from me and mine…well, there are aspects of my life that Isimply can’t talk about.”


Frowning up at him, “You mean won’t.”


“No, I mean can’t. For security reasons. There are thingsin my past…in the military. My exes didn’t understand. They thought I washolding back and I was, but not for the reasons they thought. I had taken anoath. One I won’t break.” As Jared started to pull away, Rita followed him overkissing his face.


“Jared, I understand. I really do. I don’t like lies. Youknow that. If there’s something you can’t tell me, simply say so, but pleasedon’t make anything up.” As Jared nodded his head, he suddenly found himselfunable to speak. Bumping her head against his chest, Rita rose up. “Now, if Iwas someone who kept count, which I’m not,” she said with a grin, “I would saythat you have some catching up to do.” As Rita leaned down to kiss him, shereached out to cup his balls as she rolled them around in her hand, shecouldn’t resist a chuckle at his sudden intake of breath. Rubbing the top ofher head, Jared lightly pushed against it as he encouraged her to keep going.


“Well, then, maybe you better get me caught up.”


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