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Authors: Piork, Maria

Snowed in

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Snowed In

By Maria Piork

eBook Edition



Copyright © 2012Maria Piork

V.1 Released7/2012

V.2 Released4/2013





I dedicate thisshort story to my husband, my daughter and my son for their love, support andpatience during the production of this eBook.



About the eBook:


Nina Bates is atwenty-one year old young woman single and pregnant. Shunned by her mother andthe deadbeat father of her new baby, Nina has no choice but to accept hergrandmother’s invitation to relocate from her hometown of Seattle, Washingtonto Anchorage, Alaska.

In Anchorage,Nina meets Dexter McIver, a father of one who is not only single anddevastatingly handsome but also a successful businessman. After her grandmotherpulls strings and Nina is hired to work in the McIver household, she moves into serve as a live-in nanny to Dexter’s son Ian.

As time passes,Dexter and Nina develop a close bond and begin to realize theirs is more thanjust an average boss-employee relationship.

Sexual tensionswells, and the smoldering attraction that has existed for months threatens toboil over.

With so much atstake are Nina and Dex willing to risk it all for a brief liaison?


Chapter One


Ninais sprawled across Dex’s massive four-poster bed, his mouth savoring her inareas no other man had before. She whimpers then looks at Dex, Dex looks ather. She squirms. Warm discharge pools at her center and her body tenses. Oh, whatsweet delirious tension! She sobs, arches, and…

“Nina,wake up,” a voice spoke quietly. “Nina, it’s me Dex, wake up.”

Ninasat up instantly and opened her eyes to complete darkness. She was disoriented.Dex? Was he really in her room? Were they…? Her stomach lurched her chestheaved. The baby!A muffled, strange cry came out of her, “Callie!” she shriekedreaching for the bassinet.

“Shhh,”Dex soothed, touching her arm, “Callie’s fine.”

Inthe dim lighting, Nina saw his profile and that of her daughter in his arms. Shewas relieved to see Callie well cared for. The only drawback at that moment forNina was being snatched away from a phenomenal dream. Her body still tingled andher panties were moist. Heat rose to her cheeks.

“I’msorry I walked in.”

Sorryhe walked in? What time was it?

“It’sjust that Callie had been crying for several minutes.” He gave her pajama top aonce over and continued, “I think it may be her feeding time.”

Whenhis eyes roamed her breasts, Nina looked down to realize that her clothing wasdrenched soaked the garment clinging to her damp skin and exposing a set of rigidcrests. Nina groped the sheets and brought them to her chest. “Darn it…I...”she stumbled over her words, “I must have slept through her midnight feeding.”

Shewas having a time adjusting to her newborn. Lucky Nina felt that her ward, Ian,Dex’s five-year-old son, was well-mannered or else pulling double duty as a newmom and nanny might have proven too challenging. As it was already her oversleepingwas the second occurrence that week and now with Dex as witness to the breastfeedingmalfunction, Nina’s insecurities were mounting.

Inthe dark she stared at him and he stared back, a semblance of a smile crossedhis lips the gesture sending Nina’s heart aflutter.

Inthe seven months she’d worked for Dex Nina came to realize that his attentionand very presence invoked raw emotions in her. Dex was older, charming. Dex wasalso a successful business man and far more confident than any other guy she’dever met before. He was also disturbingly good looking, tall and broad shouldered.His eyes were dark and expressive his lips full, his jaw strong. His was hairshort and brown and it curled slightly at the base of his neck. His body didn’tlag either Dex was in exceptional shape. On several occasions when he headed tothe gym fully clad in workout gear Nina would eavesdrop as he left the housepeering through her bedroom window. Oh yes, Nina knew first hand that DexterMcIver, the thirty-one year old handsome divorced father of one was solid,lean, and muscled from all angles.



Dex’spatted the child’s back and suggested, “Listen, how about Callie and I stepoutside while you change?”

Atasteful move Nina wouldn’t expect any less from him. “Yeah, that’d be fine Dex.Thanks.”

Calliewhimpered and Dex shushed her. As Dex got to his feet, Nina watched with keeninterest as her daughter snuggled against his chest. Lucky girl, her daughterwas.

“I’llbe right outside. Just come out when you’re ready.” The door closed behind himwith a soft click.

Fora long minute after Dex exited, Nina sat there in near darkness staring at nothingin particular. It was five weeks since she gave birth to Callie and still shehad such a long way to go to adjust. Yet, as hectic as life was in the McIverhousehold, working as a live-in nanny was a Godsend. Very few jobs would allow Ninathe opportunity to earn a living while caring for her own child. She was indeedgrateful for her grandmother’s networking pool and equally grateful for Dex’s flexibility.So, regardless of how fatigued she was Nina needed to pull through and keep ittogether somehow. She couldn’t afford to give Dex any reason to believe that shewas incompetent or perhaps even unfit to care for Ian. 

Ninapulled the comforter back and swung her legs off the bed. She stepped into herfuzzy slippers and walked into the adjoining bathroom. She tossed the soiledclothing into the hamper and washed up. Several minutes later she was in frontof the dresser fetching a set of clean clothes. She dressed in camisole andpanties then slipped the robe fastening the sash around her waist. She reachedfor a hair brush and her eyes focused on the picture frame, the frame that Ian hadmade for her out of wooden sticks and yarn; it was a classic preschooler typeof craft. Nina smiled at Callie’s ten-minute old picture that now adorned Ian’sart work. Grammie Lynne had snapped the photograph seconds after the nurses hadplaced Callie in her arms.

Thewindow glass rattled the noise jolting Nina out of her reverie. “A severe icestorm is expected to sweep through the Anchorage area. Blustery conditions areexpected.” The meteorologist announced during the late night newscast. The predictionwas that the major metropolitan area would be the hardest hit and citizens wereurged to remain on high alert.

Despitethe fifty to sixty mile per hour winds advisory, Nina dismissed the weatherreport as overly sensational. Now, however, Nina realized the matter was muchmore serious than she originally anticipated.

Shegave her reddish curls a good comb then straightened her clothes. She crossedthe short distance to the entrance and swung the bedroom door open. When the imageof Dex holding Callie in his arms came into focus Nina’s stopped short and fellsilent.


Chapter Two


Dex was perched againstthe hallway table with her daughter peacefully resting on his forearms. Her onemonth old child gurgled, and Dex cooed. They were conversing Nina giggledsilently. It was charming, but what struck Nina the most was how delicate Dexwas with her holding Callie as if she was the most precious thing. He strokedher cheek and Callie opened her eyes wide and stared at him.

Theywere sharing a moment, a bond of sorts, Nina realized, and was genuinelysurprised. It wasn’t so odd she supposed. Dex was the only other adult personwith whom the child interacted on a daily basis. Sure the baby had Grammie Lynnetoo, every weekend at that, but it was quite obvious that her daughter was muchmore smitten with Dex than with her own great-grandma. She couldn’t blame herdaughter for being partial Dexter McIver was one to be smitten with. He was kind,caring, and a loving father to Ian.

Shethought about the boy for a moment and marveled at just how well adjusted hewas to his mother’s absence.

WhenNina was told of Tanya McIver’s problem with substance abuse it troubled her.The job of raising a child was taxing in the best of circumstances, but raisinga child while having to tend to an alcoholic spouse might have been a terribleordeal and Nina truly felt for Dex, but even more for Ian. Part of hisinnocence had been robbed from him and at times it was clear that the boystruggled with his own identity…

“Well,if you’re living here with us, then why aren’t you and my daddy sleeping in thesame room?” Ian had asked Nina when the two of them had worked on a puzzle.

Ian’scomment had taken her completely by surprise that day, yet Nina managed to maintainher composure. “Ian, just because I’m living here doesn’t mean your father andI would sleep in the same room.”

“Well,my dad’s friend, Mitch, and his girlfriend, Greta, live together, and theysleep in the same room.”

Ninafelt Ian knew way too much for his age.

“Well,Mitch and Greta are boyfriend and girlfriend, Ian. Your father and I are not.There’s a big difference.”

Thetopic was an awkward one to discuss with a five year old, yet as uncomfortableas Nina was with the chat, she needed to ensure that the boy wasn’tmisunderstanding the living arrangements.

“Butwhy can’t you be boyfriend and girlfriend? You’re pretty and daddy likes you.”He had looked her way then added, “And you like him too, don’t you?”

IfNina didn’t know better she would think the boy had been playing matchmaker.

“Well,of course, I like your father, Ian, but not like Mitch and Greta like eachother.”

That,of course, was a…lie. Nina really liked Dex, so much in fact that she washaving a time keeping her mind on business. “Your father and I have a businessrelationship, Ian. That’s all.”

Andreally, that was all. Despite the fact that NinalikedDex, he was only herboss and she was only his employee; nothing more, nothing less.

Secondslater Ian had surprised her yet again by walking over to Callie and kissing theinfant on the head and saying, “I want Callie to have a daddy and if you and mydaddy were together then Callie would have one, no?

Acooing sound emerged from the infant and Nina was jarred out of her thoughts. Shepulled the doorknob and that time, the door creaked. Dex turned to look herway.

“Well,look who’s here.” Dex spoke to Callie in a tone of voice that was adorably babyish.

“Hey…”Nina addressed Callie as Dex closed in to place the child in her arms. He tookextra care in accommodating Callie and as he did Nina picked up on the scent ofhis cologne. The woodsy aroma was faint but arousing, her tummy stirred. “Thereyou are,” she said, ignoring the essence of him that instantly made her insidesturn to jelly.

Calliefussed as soon as Dex handed her over. “It’s okay.” Nina soothed. Callie was certainlybiased to being in Dex’s arms, wasn’t she? The child whined and Dex did hisbest to set the baby in the crook of her arm. Then just as Callie’s protestswere winding down, Dex’s fingers skimmed the side of her breast.

Thebrief contact touched Nina like a heated caress and her pulse raced. Goosebumpsbeaded her flesh. Desire, hot an insistent made Nina’s libido jump to overdrive.

Calliewhimpered yet again and Nina was extremely glad for the child’s timely interruption.

Dexpulled away and cleared his throat. He fell back a couple of steps and said, “Thestorm’s got Callie a little spooked.” His voice was hoarse and uneven. Had Dexfelt the same electrical jolt she felt when they touched?

Ninakissed Callie’s cheek. “Shhh, it’s just the wind, honey.” Nina shot Dex aglance, “Actually, the storm’s got me a little spooked, too.” She admittedwryly.

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