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Storm of sharks

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Part I: Perilous Passage

1. Lackeys and Lickspittles

2. Deathwalker

3. Graced

4. The Captain’s Table

5. Outlaws

6. Conspirators

Part II: Bound and Beaten

1. The Kraken’s Reach

2. The Mother of Icegarden

3. Dead Eyes

4. The Emissary

5. Courtship

6. Foul-Hooked

Part III: Scarlet Seas

1. Below the Surface

2. Skipper

3. The Shark, the Shackles and the Shanty

4. Strange Counsel

5. Banquet for a Bride

6. Cry Wolf

7. Locking Horns

8. The King’s Justice

Part IV: Battling Back

1. The Sea Fortress of the Kraken

2. Wolf Blood

3. Breaking Bonds

4. Ballad of Butchery

5. Tentacles of Terror

6. Crossing the Redwine

7. The Lion Rides Out

8. The Reckoning

Part V: Turning the Tide

1. The Nemesis

2. The Chapel of Brenn

3. A Mother’s Love

4. A Darkness Lifted

5. The Choice

6. Gone Fishing

7. The Tale of the Tiger

8. A Wasted Talent

Part VI: Waves of War

1. The Emerald Forest

2. Bad Blood

3. The Burning of Bray

4. The Forum of Elders

5. Locked In

6. The Broken Triangle

7. The Long Sleep Can Wait

The designer ofBob the Builder,creator ofFrankenstein’s CatandRaa Raa the Noisy Lion, andthe author/illustrator of numerous children’s books, Curtis Jobling lives with hisfamily in Cheshire, England. Although perhaps best known for his work in TV and picturebooks, Curtis’s other love has always been horror and fantasy for an olderaudience.Wereworld: Rise of the Wolfwas shortlisted for the 2011Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize.

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Books by Curtis JoblingThe Wereworld series(in readingorder) Rise of the WolfRage of LionsShadow of the HawkNest of SerpentsStorm of Sharks

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Praise for Wereworld: Rise of theWolf:

‘A promising start to an excellent newseries’

 – SFX

‘… superior toEragon, and purefun’

The Times

‘Jobling’s characterizations are solid,his world-building is complex and fascinating, and the combat scenes are suitablyexciting’

 – Publishers Weeklystarred review

‘… this will find broad appeal amonglovers of adventure fantasy’

 – Kirkus Reviews

‘The most exciting fantasy story I have readfor years,Wereworldhad me enthralled from the first page until the very last,leaving me hungry for the next instalment’


‘Incredibly highlyrecommended – dramatic escapes, incredible rescues, huge battles, terriblebetrayals, human sacrifices, and all of it feels perfect!’


‘A fantastic blend of action-adventure, with agreat sprinkling of horror-magic stirred in’


‘Wereworldis a brilliant adventurestory that keeps you utterly hooked. I can’t wait for the next one!’


Shortlisted for the 2011 Waterstone’sChildren’s Book Prize

1Lackeys and Lickspittles

With winter finally relinquishing her cruelhold over the Cold Coast, All Hallows Bay had gradually returned to life. The piers andjetties, home to only the hardiest vessels weeks earlier, were now crowded with boats ofall sizes, weather-worn fishing skiffs bumping up against the barnacle-encrusted hullsof their huge, ocean-going cousins. The taverns and inns, so quiet during the harshestmonths, now thronged with life, sea captains and merchants haggling for bargains whileless fortunate souls drowned their sorrows. The streets thrummed with activity, springbringing hope to the people of the bustling port. All Hallows Bay was alive once more,but it came at a cost.

A Lion once more ruled Westland. The newlycrowned King Lucas had reclaimed his father’s stolen throne from the youngWerewolf, Drew Ferran. The Catlords of Bast had sailed toLucas’said, swelling the lion’s ranks with Bastian warriors, strengthening his hold overthe Seven Realms and helping to put the Werelords of the Wolf’s Council to thesword. Shape-shifting Werelords of all colours and sizes had marched to support Lucas,their enslaved homelands ensuring allegiance. Lucas ruled with an iron paw, squeezingevery copper from his people’s pockets and pressing them into his army ofRedcloaks. He turned wives into widows as he sought to destroy the last of the GreyWolves and all who supported Drew.

The Lionguard’s presence had neverbeen more apparent in All Hallows Bay. Many of the locals kept a wary distance, theviolent reputation of the king’s soldiers well known to all. As with every landunder Lucas’s control, the Lionguard raised a force from the indigenouspopulation. Though many people were reluctant to ‘take the red’, some werehappy to swear fealty to King Lucas. The Redcloaks of All Hallows Bay had a largeproportion of the latter, made up of rogues and ruffians. The odd Bastian captain orLyssian from more noble stock made up their numbers, but for the most part the Lionguardwere a cruel bunch. Rarely a day went by without brutality, ensuring that the localsremained fearful of their so-called guardians.

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