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The Prize

Becca Jameson

The Prize Copyright © 2016 by Becca Jameson.

All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this bookmay be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission exceptin the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places,events and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are usedfictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or localesis entirely coincidental.

Book and Cover design by Vanessa North

Print ISBN: 978-0-9972463-0-8

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9863360-9-6

Chapter One

“Parker… Oh. My. God.”

That was all I managed to say before he threw his hand over my mouth.

I moaned into his palm in the near darkness, letting my head fall back against thewall so he could nibble a path up toward my ear. Lights wouldn’t have done me anygood anyway since my vision was currently completely blurred. The dim light from underthe closed door was enough.

His lips hit my ear. “I’m certain…” He thrust into me harder. “You don’t want…” Andagain, deeper. “Anyone to…” He pulled almost out. “Hear us…” He released my mouthand stroked his fingers down to cup my breast. The lace of my bra rubbed against mynipple, making me arch into his touch.

I grabbed his biceps and tugged his muscular body closer. “Do. Not. Stop.” My voicedidn’t sound like me at all, but Jesus, I needed to come.


I’d had the first orgasm within moments of shutting the door to the janitor’s closet.What I wanted now was a mind-blowing vaginal orgasm. A slice of pure heaven. And somethingI’d only ever experienced under Parker Darwin’s control. Two times so far. I intendedto make it three.

He chuckled. “Honey, I’m not in the habit of taking orders from my women.”

I gripped him harder while he held himself at my entrance, not thrusting back intome like my body craved. I released his arms to slide my hands up to his face, cuppinghis cheeks. “Please.” I tried to at least sound contrite. At that point I was willingto do almost anything to reach my goal.

Parker slammed back into me, pressing my back against the wall.

I released his face to wrap my fingers around the narrow counter under my ass forbalance. My dress was bunched up around my waist, but it didn’t hinder my clit fromrubbing against the base of Parker’s cock with every thrust.

So close…

“Come for me, Meagan.”

With his words, I shattered, my pussy grasping at his cock. My clit pulsed with rawneed. A squeal escaped my lips, but Parker covered my mouth again and held his handfirmly against my lips.

“That’s it, honey. You’re so fucking gorgeous when you come.”

I groaned around his palm as he continued to thrust into me until he stopped abruptly,buried to the hilt, and let his own release fill the condom.

When he was spent, he heaved for air, his forehead leaning against mine. His handssmoothed up the bodice of my dress and over my shoulders until he threaded them intomy hair.

I was going to have to do some serious surgery on my curls before I would be presentableenough to return to the reception.

“Submit to me,” he whispered against my mouth.

“Never,” I responded, giving him a brief kiss.

Even his lips were perfect. Soft. Sure. Maddening. He smiled against me.

The first time we’d had sex—two weeks ago after the bachelor and bachelorette partiesof our respective best friends—he’d used those lips alone to make me come. And thenhe’d used his thick length to drive his point home.

He was right. The chemistry between us was intense.

I had assumed the secret, middle-of-the-night booty call had been a one-time event.We had both been a little tipsy, and the air was charged around us. We were stayingat Cade and Amy’s house where Cade was fucking his fianc��e, and our other two friends,Cheyenne and Riley, were engaged in not-so-subtle sex themselves. Both sets of friendsright under our noses.

Who could blame us? No one was ever the wiser.

Until last night, we hadn’t spoken or seen each other since that night two weeks ago.

The rehearsal dinner.

I began fidgeting under his intense scrutiny the moment we arrived. I bit my bottomlip between my teeth a dozen times to keep from being obvious. But it wasn’t easy.Parker lit a fire in me I never knew existed. He was tall with broad shoulders andthick, dark chocolate hair that begged me to run my fingers through it. When he smiled,it reached from ear to ear, bringing out a dimple on both cheeks.

After the rehearsal dinner, we fucked in the back seat of his limo, heedless of thedriver in the front seat.

What the hell was wrong with me?

I’d never had sex this good. And worse, I probably never would again.

I was perfectly willing to keep the liaison going as long as we were both on the samepage.

Was I interested in submitting to him and his lifestyle? Fuck no.

If he wanted to fuck me in a closet until my brain rattled, I was game. Bring it on.

Parker pulled out slowly and removed the condom, wrapping it in a tissue. “You’reso loud.”

I smiled and shrugged while I hopped down from the perfectly positioned narrow counterand reached for my panties on the ground. “You managed to muffle me okay.”

“You think anyone missed us?”

I tugged my dress over my hips, grateful Amy had chosen black, fitted evening gownsfor her formal wedding. The silky material fell back into place around my legs, reachingmy ankles. The long slit up the side had totally worked in my favor. Parker had ogledmy bare leg at least a dozen times during the wedding, pictures, and dinner. And heflipped on the light and did so again now.

I squinted at the brightness while adjusting the bodice around my boobs. They weren’tthe largest set, but they were ample for my narrow frame, and I had to admit theylooked incredible in this dress. Thin straps over my shoulders held the dress up,but the low V and the way the silk gathered under my breasts made them seem quiteprominent.

Parker’s gaze skated up from my exposed leg to my chest. “Woman…” He reached betweenmy breasts, pinched the fabric of my dress and bra with two fingers, and pulled bothlayers down until my nipple popped free.

“Parker…” My voice was breathy. How could he make me so horny again after two fantasticorgasms? My nipple puckered.

He lowered his head and sucked the sensitive tip into his mouth.


I rose onto my tiptoes and grabbed his waist. He needed to stop this madness, or wereally would be missed. As it was, we were safe. We’d only been gone a few minutes,and the reception was now well underway with the lights dim and the dancing in fullswing.

He lifted his gaze to meet mine. “Submit to me,” he murmured again.

I smiled broader, fighting the effect he had on me. My nipple stood at attention,the cool air of the room wafting over the tip to tease me. “Not in this lifetime.”

He smirked. “I’ll wear you down.”

I lifted my brows. “Don’t count on it.”

Chapter Two

Six weeks later…

I reached for the phone without looking at the caller ID, my eyes focused on the computermonitor in front of me.

I could easily answer a call without looking. My fingers were trained to know exactlywhere to hit the screen. “Hello?”

“Ms. Hollister? Meagan Hollister?”

“Yes…?” I shifted my gaze from the monitor to the window in my office.

“This is Detective Arnold Branch of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.”


I swallowed, a shiver racing down my spine. I could have gone my entire life withoutever hearing from this detective again. I hadn’t spoken to him in over a year.

“Do you remember me?”

“Yes.” I took a deep breath and slumped back in my chair, closing my eyes and rubbingthe furrow between them with my free hand. I didn’t want to ask why he was calling.There could only be one reason. And I didn’t want to hear it.

“I just spoke to your parents, but I wanted to call you personally. Michael Swarthis up for parole next week. I’ll keep you apprised as I have more details, but I wantedyou to hear it from me.”

I sat frozen, unable to move or blink. My hand held the phone so tightly it was awonder I didn’t crack the screen.

“Meagan?” His voice was lower, softer, gentler.

“I’m still here.”

“You have my numbers.”


“You’re going to be fine.”

“Right.” I tried to sound more cheerful than I felt when I spoke.

“We have no indication he knows anything about you.”

“Okay.” Did he think that was convincing?

“Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I’ll be in touch. And please, contact me if youhave any questions.”

“Okay.” I ended the call without looking at the phone or appropriately finishing theconversation. I set the phone on my desk gingerly as if it were a time bomb that wouldexplode with the right friction.

Two seconds later, I nearly jumped out of my skin when it rang again. Luckily, itwas face up this time and I could see it was my mother.

Of course.

I didn’t answer it. I didn’t want to discuss this issue at work, or ever for thatmatter. But certainly not at work.

My mother had a tendency to be dramatic when a situation called for it. And the realitywas, this was one of those situations. And I wasn’t in the mood for drama. I had aperfectly good rug in my office, and I intended to shove this tiny problem under itfor the remainder of the day.

In fact, I managed to ignore calls from both my parents for the rest of the day andthe following. I buried myself in my work and ignored every thought of Michael Swarthand what his parole would mean.

By the following afternoon, Friday, I was dreading the weekend. I could only ignoremy parents for so long, and certainly not for the forty-eight hours of a weekend.Hell, they lived just forty minutes away from my downtown Atlanta apartment. Theycould easily drive to my place and bang on the door if I failed to answer.

If I could just get through to tomorrow…

A shadow loomed over me, and I set my finger on the paper in front of me to hold myspot as I lifted my gaze.

The pencil I held in my mouth fell out onto the desk. “Parker,” I breathed. What thehell was he doing leaning in the frame of the door to my office?

Just what I needed. As if I didn’t have enough problems. Now I had to endure the advancesof a sexy millionaire in my space.

And find the balls to turn him down.


As if that were possible.

He had a way of making me cave with a simple grin. And who was I kidding? All threetimes I’d let him fuck me had been stupendous.

I needed to nip this in the bud. The fact that he was standing in my doorway in myoffice, at my place of employment, said he had other ideas.

His grin was lopsided. He held his suit coat with one finger over his shoulder. Ashe righted himself and strode into my office, his gaze roamed around. Without looking,he draped his suit coat over the chair opposite my desk, and finally he turned toface me. “I sweet-talked the elderly man downstairs to get up here. This place isa fortress.”

I leaned back, lifting my finger off my paper. Fuck it. I’d have to find my spot againlater. “They’re pretty selective down there.” It was true. My accounting firm, Hellerand Simon, was on the eighth floor of a twelve-story building. And Bob Winters madesure to interrogate each and every person who entered.

Parker lowered himself onto the plush maroon chair across from me. I liked havinga comfortable place for my clients to sit. My entire office was inviting. I spentmost of my time there. It needed to be appealing so I didn’t go crazy. The floor wasthe same hardwood as the rest of the company, but the walls were a dark brown I’dpainted myself. My mahogany furniture and deep rose-colored rug gave the room a warm,relaxing feeling.

“What are you doing in Atlanta?”

“I had a meeting with Riley this morning.” He reached forward and stroked his fingersacross the edge of my pristine desk. Was he smirking? If he made a single commentabout my tidiness, I would reach across and slap him.

I was shocked he wasn’t already on his way back to Charlotte. According to Cheyenneand Amy, all three men were driven to the point of distraction. But Parker was theworst. They suspected it was because he was single. Apparently Cade and Riley hadsoftened since hooking up with my friends.

If Parker thought I was going to change my mind about making something more out ofour three hookups, he was crazy.

“You do realize that just because two of my friends are sleeping with two of yourfriends does not automatically imply we should do the same.”

“We already have.” He leaned back in his seat, crossing one ankle over a knee. Socasual. Completely calm and composed. The exact opposite of how I felt.

I rolled my eyes, glancing at the open door and hoping no one decided to stop by anytimesoon. Thank God I had my own office and not a cubicle that would allow everyone Iworked with to see this awkward interaction. The last thing I wanted was to answera bunch of questions from my coworkers to tamp down the gossip mill. “How exactlydid you get up here?”

“Wasn’t difficult. Once I gave Bob my name and company. Well, that alone wasn’t quiteenough either, but then I handed him a business card.”

I rolled my eyes. That must have given Bob a thrill. Thank God he was a sweet man,and he was discreet. I didn’t think he would tell anyone I was entertaining ParkerDarwin from Edgewater Inc. in my office.

“Go out with me tonight.”


“Why not?” He lifted a brow. “I’m in town. It’s Friday. Let’s have dinner.”

“What if I already have dinner plans?”

“Do you?”


“What can it hurt? Dinner and drinks. I promise to keep my hands to myself.” He liftedboth hands, palms forward, fingers wiggling in the air.

I swallowed. I’d prefer if he used his hands instead and we skipped dinner…

He chuckled, making me flinch. “Riley and Cheyenne are going to a club. You wouldn’twant to leave me hanging. That wouldn’t be very friendly.”

“A club?”

He shrugged. “Or maybe it’s a private party. I didn’t listen closely.”

Last I heard, Cheyenne wasn’t ready for public submission yet. Riley had been pushingher for several weeks, but she was still wrapping her head around BDSM from the privacyof their home.

“I’m sure Amy and Cheyenne would be disappointed if they found out you weren’t hospitable.”

Really? He was going to play that card?

I crossed my arms and glared at him. “Dinner. No drinks.”


When the door to the presidential suite at the Omni snicked shut, he plastered meagainst it before the sound of the lock finished reverberating in my head.

He clasped both my hands in his, hauled them over my head, and leaned in to consumemy mouth.

My eyes fluttered shut. The room was bathed in the soft glow of city lights comingthrough the windows of the enormous suite. That was all I noticed before we startedkissing.

God that man could kiss. I lost every functioning brain cell when his lips were onmine…or any other part of my body for that matter.

My resolve to keep my clothes on and go home had fled over an hour ago.

Parker was like a drug. And I was an addict.

“Submit to me,” he muttered against my lips.

I didn’t respond. The D/s world was not for me. I’d told him countless times. Eventuallyhe would listen.

His lips left mine to trail down to the V of my blouse and nibble the upper swellof my breasts.

I stifled a moan. My nipples puckered, and my clit had been rubbing against my thongfor hours. I had squirmed so much during dinner the lace was soaked. That only madethe friction worse.

He shifted both my wrists to one hand and lowered the other to slowly ease each buttonof my blouse through its hole. Meanwhile, he pushed one thigh between my legs as faras my tight skirt would allow.

When my shirt fell open, he leaned his face back enough to gaze down at me. “You havethe most incredible breasts.” Reverently, he stroked along the edge of my bra betweenmy boobs. “High. Tight. Large enough to wrap my hand around.”

He demonstrated this with a cupped squeeze that made me whimper.

“That’s it. You can make all the noise you want tonight. I’m looking forward to it.”He pinched my nipple through the lace.

I moaned. Out loud. It was refreshing not having to stifle my need to express myself.I wasn’t normally quiet in bed. But every one of our previous encounters had requiredthat I find a way to control myself.

“Jesus, Meagan. That’s so hot.” He pinched again, harder.

I lifted onto my tiptoes and let out a long, low sound—unrecognizable as my own.

He flattened his palm on my belly and then smoothed it down to my waist and aroundto the back.

I thrust my hips forward to accommodate him as he lowered the zipper on my skirt,removed his knee from between my legs, and then tugged the navy material over my hipsto pool at my feet.

“Do you always wear those fuck-me heels to work?”

I blinked, feeling like I’d somehow won a round. “Often. Yes.”

He gritted his teeth and shook his head. “If you were mine…”

“Ah, but I’m not.”

He growled, thrusting his knee back between my legs and pressing upward against mypussy.

And just like that, I was putty again. I ground myself into his pants. Custom pantsthat probably cost more than the expensive dinner we’d eaten. I’d been close to comingfor hours. It wouldn’t take much.

“Uh-uh.” He lowered his knee a few inches. “Not so fast.”

What? This was different. Since when did he care how fast I came?

“We have the entire night. And I’m going to make you scream. But not until I say.”

I swallowed. Renewed moisture flooded my thong uninvited. Why were those dominatingwords so damn arousing? I inhaled slowly. All I cared about was coming. Soon. Hard.And often. If I was going to stay a few hours, I intended to get the most out of it.“I’m not spending the night, Parker.”

“Mmm.” His fingers went back to the skin between my breasts, bringing goose bumpsin their wake. His tone was condescending, and it infuriated me to know he was probablyright.

Who was I kidding? An entire night of sex with him would be heavenly. Naked. In abed. No one would ever know. I’d trade my right arm for that sort of experience. Whydeny myself out of principle?

Surely he would let me walk away tomorrow. What man wouldn’t? The offer of a nightof sex with no commitment. Wasn’t that every guy’s dream?

Without warning, he dropped his hand from my nipple to my pussy and cupped my sex.

My head rolled back against the door, my teeth clamped shut. I pursed my lips, willinghim to touch my clit.

“Look at me.”

I opened my eyes and met his intense gaze.

Slowly he tucked his fingers into the sides of my thong and stroked through my wetfolds. “So hot.” He dipped them inside next. “So tight.”

I held my breath. The need to explode was close.

Just as gradually, he removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth to suck them.

I licked my lips, my gaze lowering to his teasing suction. Overwhelmed with sensation,I jerked my hands from his hold and ducked under his arm to slide free. If it hadn’tbeen for my heels, I might have made it across the room before he caught me, but Ididn’t have that level of dexterity in the spikes.

His arm flew out and wrapped around my waist so fast he knocked the breath out ofme as my back slammed against his front. He set his chin on my shoulder and nudgedmy hair out of the way. “Feisty.”

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